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October Goals

November 1st, 2006 at 05:08 am

Didn't walk yesterday or today. Had to go back into work again yesterday, my computer still wasn't fixed. Finally got it at 3:45 and it worked! YAY! Worked until 6:30. Got a free Blimpies sub on the way home. Buy 7 get one free.

Went to lunch with co-worker at Black-Eyed Pea and spent $8.

Got gas at $2.02/gal had a 10 cent off from King Soopers. Spent $19.25

Today was freezing. 22 degrees and wind-chill so no walking, but computer worked from home all day, so was happy about that. Had to work thru 200 emails from 3 days without computer though.

Got an email from the boss who asked me to work my vacation this week. She went to Florida on vacation for the week. Ok - whatever.

Did my networth which made me very happy. Went up 3.13% for the month. Getting closer to my goal.

My goals for October were:

1. walk with mom at least 25 days

2. work less hours and catch up with my life
Yeah, right! - Missed this one big time.

3. Put $1000 in savings

4. Put $500 in an I-bond

5. Start xmas shopping, buy at least 2 presents
Didn't do this one either. I did get two ideas though, so maybe when I go on vacation next week I can get some of the xmas shopping done.

Finished reading The Last White Knight by Tami Hoag. Romance. OK


October 30th, 2006 at 04:09 am

walked with mom for 50 min

Still having conversations in my head regarding work. Came to a few conclusions, but not sure if I can stick to them.

1. Do my job and no one else's. Stop monitoring other's work also. It's the manager's job to make sure things are getting done right, not mine. If we go to production without whole areas getting tested, that's not my responsibililty.

2. Communicate exactly how long things will take me and don't accept new assignements unless I have the time or I tell my manager about the crunch and suggest they ask someone else to help out, or take some other assignment away from me.

3. Get involved in my hobbies more to take my mind off of work in the evenings. Reading has become more difficult lately because of the never-ending track in my head telling me about all the things I need to do. I watch a lot more mindless television and that's just wasting my time without relaxing me. I have nothing against watching TV, but I've been watching just to watch and not because it really interests me. I need to start distracting myself and get excited about something else.

Went to King Soopers today for the rest of my groceries. Spent $20.45

Got the following free

75 ct of Tums - made $1.00 with coupon since it was FAR
1 frozen mac and cheese dinner
1 package Life Saver's Sweet Mints
1 package Brach's candy corn

Went to Chili's for lunch and spent $8.00

Finished reading my book Dark Dreamers by Christine Feehan. Supernatural. Very good.

Good grocery deals today

October 29th, 2006 at 03:39 am

walked with mom for 50 min

Thanks, for the comments. I'm still depressed. I wish I knew how to turn off the work button in my brain. How do you consciously decide not to do a good job and then stick to it? How do you decide what you can do well and be satisfied with that level? I don't know how to that. I can't leave things undone. What I really want to have happen is for the bosses to hire more people who are competent and can take up some of the work load. People I wouldn't have to constantly monitor. I know they are hiring new people soon, but if they are like the last bunch, they will be more work than help.

Went to the grocery store today and spent $12.92. Got some really good deals.

Free package of Safeway Beef Franks
Free 8oz bottle of Tarter sauce - going to bother for xmas
Bag of bite-sized snickers for .99 cents
Large Thin Crust Red Baron Pizza for .99 cents.

Need to go to King Soopers tomorrow for their deals. Both grocery stores have had really good deals lately to combat the Wal-Mart moving up here. It's nice, but it takes more time to go shopping at both stores to do the cherry-picking.

Finished reading A Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison. Supernatural. Good.

Who did I piss off?

October 28th, 2006 at 03:30 am

Since I came back to work after my vacation two weeks ago I have been struggling with my computer. I had to install some new encryption software as part of the company mandate.

I tried to do it from the office the first day, but got an error, so logged a ticket with the help desk. For 3 days they tried to get it fixed from home but no go. So I went back to work last Friday and they determined I had a bad hard-drive. So I opened a ticket to get a new hard-drive. Went back in this Tuesday to get the new hard-drive put in and all my files transferred. Got the computer back at end of day and worked that evening on my actual job.

Next day came back to get encryption software added to computer. Installed and ran the software. Went home. That night huge blizzard. 2 ft of snow. 3 - 5 foot drifts. Can't get in to computer, it says i have a disk failure, blah, blah, blah. Call the tech support guy, also working from home and he can't undo the installation because of a glitch and while speaking to him, his electricity goes out. We agree as soon as I get dug out I will go into the office on Friday.

Go in today at noon - took that long for the maintenance people to plow out my driveway. He uninstalls the encryption software and we start the computer back up and get blue screen of death and second hard-drive is also bad. Frown

They steal a hard-drive out of someone else's machine and copy my same stuff over from Tuesday. Run disk check and is good. Start computer and get blue screen of death and missing a .dll file. So they take computer to run repair disk on.

In the meantime, I'm obviously not getting much testing done, but I only have one more test case that needs to get done by end of day. My second vacation starts next Monday. My boss calls and asks me if I don't have any hard plans if I can work some of my vacation days next week. I expected it, but it stills feel like a betrayal after all the work I've done. They want me to help someone else and do their testing, it's not even my testing.

I told her I preferred to take an entire week of vacation since it takes me several days to relax and get work out of my head. So I offerred to work next week and take off the following week.

So I have to go back into the office on Monday to get my computer, which will hopefully be working. Then I need to finish my one test case and work on someone else's work all week. Not to mention I still need to get the encryption software installed and working on my PC.

I'm depressed. It's such a struggle and it feels so unfair. I did 500 of the 2000 test cases we had this release in a team of 15 people. Just the fact that they even asked me to change some of my vacation hurts. Yes, I could say no and there most likely wouldn't be any repurcussions, but it puts pressure on me to say yes and help the team. Couldn't they even think of one of the other people on the team who could have done a little bit more work instead of asking me, who has already done so much?

I was joking with the tech guy about Karma and said I must have been a mass-murderer in a previous life to deserve all the crap I'm going thru right now. Smile

Walked everyday but yesterday and today.

dinner at mom's

October 20th, 2006 at 03:32 am

walked with mom for 50 min

Sister is out of town so mom invited me, BIL and nieces to dinner. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, jello, green salad and rolls. Yummmmy.

Was nice to catch up a little with the girls, haven't seen them for a month or so. The oldest one has a crush on a guy. Her first one. Spent at least an hour telling me every word he ever said to her. Funny.

Since the Wal-Mart moved up here, the grocery stores are going all out to get business. I've gotten 6 $10 of $50 coupons from King Soopers and 2 from Safeway. Unfortunately, I can't use most of them. I managed to use 2 of the King Soopers ones and gave 3 to mom, leaving me with one to see about next week. I also gave mom the 2 Safeway coupons. But even she's starting to say, they just don't need to buy anymore food right now. It's hard to pass up 20% on anything though.

Finished reading the library book Ashes and Bones by Dana Cameron. Mystery. OK

$20 from Wal-Mart

October 19th, 2006 at 03:36 am

walked with mom for 50 min, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. It snowed Tuesday, we got 8 inches.

I got a letter today with a $20 from Wal-Mart for the problem with the lug nut cover. That was nice. I'll have to write back thanking them.

Also got a Vitamin C powder sample, Cheer sample, Folger's Coffee sample and Always sample today.

I'm working a lot more again, catching up after my vacation. I don't feel like much is happening in my life right now, just routine stuff, so don't have anything interesting to blog about.

Finished reading several books, the latest was my book Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts. Second in a trilogy and very good as always.

egg on my face

October 14th, 2006 at 03:50 am

walked with mom for 50 min

Started to put together the two chairs that I had legs for and figured out that the backs of the chairs were one piece and had the other two legs per chair. Doh! Boy did I feel stupid. Sent an email to Wal-Mart apologizing for the first email. Anyways got all 4 chairs put together.

Finished re-reading my book Stop Working, Start Living by Dianne Nahirny. Early Retirement. Very good, inspirational. I want to retire so bad, I constantly go over the numbers, but it always comes out the same, I still need at least 4 more years Frown Oh well, it could be 16 or more years till I get to the more conventional 62 years old.

I think I have a minor case of food poisoning. I've had a nasty headache, stomach ache and I've thrown up twice now. Hopefully that's all it is, and not the flu or something that lasts a while.

new table

October 13th, 2006 at 01:30 am

Walked with mom for 50 min

Got my new table from Wal-Mart. Spent @$180. I spent about an hour unpacking it and putting the table together. I love the table, it's just the right size and color for that room, but I was missing 8 legs for the chairs. I called Wal-Mart and they want me to bring the whole thing back. No Way. It weighs a ton and I had to borrow my Dad's truck and his help to get it. Plus I spent an hour puttng the table together and don't want to take it apart. Since I didn't want the chairs to begin with I'm not going through that hassle. But I'm not happy about it, since now it's more difficult to give 2 chairs away than 4. I sent an email to the company asking them why they can't just give me the replacement legs. We'll see if they respond.

feeling accomplished

October 12th, 2006 at 04:33 am

walked with mom for 50 min

I got a lot of little things completed today that I haven't had time to get to for a 2-3 months so I have a feeling of accomplishment today.

They opened a new WalMart and Kohl's in our little town so mom and I went to WalMart first. I got 2 new tires for my car put on while we were shopping. I've needed to do this for at least 3 months. I feel glad that it's finally done. Spent $171.06 on tires.

I also went with a list of household things that I've needed/wanted for a while and got several of those. A new can opener since I can hardly turn mine any more, a cutting board that fits in the dishwasher, a new wallet, walnuts for $4 lb, etc. Spent $75.25

We went to Chili's for lunch and I spent $8, and then to Kohl's where I found a black leather box on sale for 50% off to store TP in on the back of the toilet. I've been looking for a box that fits that room for a least a year now. This one is the perfect size and color. Spent $16.02

I found a table for my dining area I want from WalMart. My dad is going to go with me tomorrow to pick it up. I gave my other one away to some of my parents church friends because it was round and when I did my larger jigsaw puzzles the corners fell of the table. So I've been looking for a table that is the right size, color and shape for about a year. I only gave the other table away about 3 months ago and have been doing without since then.

So I really wanted a new table, but couldn't find what I wanted. All the colors are really dark right now and my furniture is oak. WalMart has a table with 4 chairs for @$180. That's more than I wanted to spend and I don't need the chairs, but it's the perfect size so I'm going to get it. Another thing off my list. I'll give the chairs to Goodwill if I can't find someone who wants them nearby.

The other thing I got done today was getting my new modem and getting my computer setup to get to the internet again. It's nice to use my computer instead of borrowing mom's.

Got a sample of Always and Pledge microfiber cloth in mail today.

Only 2 more days of my vacation. It goes so fast. I still need to do some serious cleaning, since I let the house go for almost 3 months while I worked day and night or at least thought about work day and night and couldn't concentrate on anything else Smile

Nice Day #2

October 11th, 2006 at 04:52 pm

just light snow on the ground Tuesday morning. By the afternoon we had blue skies.

I went to the used bookstore and traded in a bag of books for another bag of books. No money. I have tons of credit there, but don't get to the store as often since I moved to my small town.

Mom and I went to Fargo's for lunch, which is an old-time pizza place. Very good. She bought since I was driving us all around.

Went down to old Colorado City in Colorado Springs. A lot of gift stores etc. Mom likes those kinds of stores. She got some xmas gifts. I didn't spend anything.

Then we went to Manitou another old fashioned town with lots of gift stores. I got a pair of heart shaped earrings for $8.50 and I bought some fudge for both of us. $7.50

Then we went to Gordmanns which is sort of like a Kohl's but is way down on the south part of the city. I didn't buy anything there.

It was mostly just a day to spend together relaxing.

I stopped at Blimpies on the way home and got a sandwich for dinner. $8. Ate half and have the other half for dinner tonight.

Spent $25.75 on gas $2.48/gal

Finished reading the library book All the Rage by Paul F. Wilson. Mystery. Ok

nice day

October 9th, 2006 at 08:07 pm

walked with mom for 50 min. Still hijacking her computer waiting for my modem to show up.

Yesterday got groceries at King Soopers. Spent @$25

A friend came over and we drove up to Denver to go to the Container Store. Went to Chili's for lunch. Spent $8.50

I didn't spend anything at the Container Store, but I love to wander through it. One of my favorite stores.

We went to Cold Stone and got ice cream for $4.00 and then came back to my house and visited for almost 3 hours. Was a very nice, relaxing day. I need more like this.

It's snowing a bit and they are calling for 2 inches tonight. We'll see.

I see Showtime is still on today. I finished reading Echoes of the Great Song by David Gemmell. Sci/Fi. Good.


October 7th, 2006 at 04:11 pm

walked with mom 50 min yesterday and today.

My modem burned out, so I'm using mom's computer. I stole her modem yesterday so I could work, it's a good thing she lives so close. I ordered a new one for $60. Hope it gets here soon.

I'm on vacation this week, so at least it happened at a better time. Could have been a lot worse if I had to work.

DirectTv has Showtime free this weekend. So far there hasn't been anything I want to see. They had Sahara, which was a good movie, but I've already seen it and don't want to spend time re-watching it.

Got a free sample of Dove moisturizing lotion in the mail. It's a really cute bottle and pretty big for a sample, about 4 inches.

Spent $5.10 at McDonalds.

Finished reading the library book Into the Storm by Suzanne Brockmann. Romance. Very, very good. Excellent dialog. I love witty dialog.


October 6th, 2006 at 12:26 am

walked with mom for 50 min

Lately I feel like I'm coasting thru my day-to-day life. Not really paying attention. Most of my brain is going to my work all the time and everything else is taking a back seat. I don't like it. I'd really like to wake up again and get back to living my life instead of sleep-walking through it.

Finished reading my book Morrigan't Cross by Nora Roberts. Romance. Very Good.

free stuff

October 5th, 2006 at 04:30 am

walked with mom for 50 min

Good mail day today. Free Downy sample, free Schick Titanium Razor and a Jerry Reed CD from for $5.99
Coupons to King Soopers and coupons from 7-11 for free coffee, big gulp, hot dog, donut and slurpee.

Gave mom the Downy sample and dad the razor and coupons for free coffee and big gulp.

Phoned the credit card company to get $200 in Target gift cards for mom and dad for their credit card rebates. Mom's pretty happy, she wants to use the 'free' money for xmas presents.


October 4th, 2006 at 04:21 am

no walking today since it was raining.

Met a co-worker for lunch at Ruby Tuesday's had the salad bar and baked potato. Yum! I could live on baked potatoes. $10

Had left over chowder for dinner.

Finished listening to the library book on tape Dark Prince by Christine Feehan. Supernatural/Romance Very good.

new soup recipe

October 3rd, 2006 at 03:12 am

walked with mom for 50 min

Got all the paperwork together for the Del Monte rebate and sent it out today.

Got a sample of Advil PM in the mail

Tried a new recipe called Grandmother's chowder. I really liked it so it goes in my keep pile. Plus it let me use up 4 of my cans of Del Monte veggies Smile

Cost per serving = .35 cents

1 1b ground beef = 1.00
1 med onion = .25
3 cans diced potatoes = .90 (or free if using the rebate cans)
3 cups water = free
2 cups milk = .80
1 can corn = .30 (or free)
1 cup sour cream = .80
2 Teaspoons dried parsley, salt and pepper .10

Total = 4.10/12 servings

Finished reading the library book The Younger Gods by David and Leigh Eddings. Sci/Fi Very good.

Oct goals and a soap box lecture

October 2nd, 2006 at 03:27 am

walked with mom for 50 min

Went back to King Soopers this morning to see if they had changed the price on the rice yet, they hadn't so I bought 3 more cans of veggies at .60 each and got 2 Family size bags of Uncle Bens rice for free. They did pull the tag to change it today.

Went to Walgreens and got 3 Gillete deodorants that they gave me 3 cents to buy. The deal that it was on sale for 99 cents and I had 3 $1 dollar coupons so 3 cents to me. Gave 2 deodorants to my dad and will give one to my brother for xmas. Also got the family size of Garnier Fructic shampoo FAR + $1 coupon so made a $1 there.

Took my parents to Ted's Montana Grill for thier anniversary. Spent $56. It was ok, but none of us thing it's worth the price. We prefer Outback. I had Pecan incrusted trout. It was kind of blah! I brought half home to have another night.

Does anyone watch Big Spender? It's on A&E on Sundays. I saw 4 shows today. I have a hard time believing what some of these people say. There was one couple, he works 9 hours a week and thinks he's working really hard for his family. She's a stay at home mom and is happy to mooch off her dad until she finds a job she likes. The dad works two jobs to support them. Good Grief. They're just lucky that they are in a situation to live that way. Join the real world where you provide for yourself. So many adults seem to think it's just fine to live off of their parents anymore. It's almost an epidemic. I couldn't wait to live on my own and pay my own bills. Be independant. The whole concept of living off of someone else's work is really foreign to me.

Goals for October:

1. walk with mom at least 25 days
2. work less hours and catch up with my life
3. Put $1000 in savings
4. Put $500 in an I-bond
5. Start xmas shopping, buy at least 2 presents.

I did my networth last night. Went up 2.26% I'm pretty happy with that. What I'm not happy about is how many hoops you have to go through to get to your accounts any more. Treasury Direct added new security questions, Vanguard added them and one of my banks added them. It takes forever just to get logged into all the sites to do your totals. Pain in the butt!