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a toilet paper emergency

March 30th, 2010 at 07:29 pm

I saw a bit on the news the other day about how the local pantries are desperate for toilet paper. They are so low, they are only giving families one roll per month. They are trying to get 80,000 rolls donated next month. For some reason I never thought about donating toilet paper to the pantry. I guess because it's something that stores forever and I just keep it for myself.

Anyways Walgreens has 12 big rolls of Cottonelle on sale for $4 with their coupon and I had 2 $1 q's that expire tomorrow so I went to Walgreens today to pick up toilet paper and their other freebies this week.

Transaction #1

10.00 - 2 12 ct Cottonelle tp
4.00 - Dove shampoo
2.00 - Dentek dental floss
1.25 - tax
-2.00 - 2 $1 manufacture q's for Cottonelle
-2.00 - Walgreen q from their April coupon book
-1.50 - Dove q
-1.00 - Dentek q

I got back a $4 register reward for the Dove and a $2 reward for the Dentek, so I made money on those two items after the coupons

Transaction #2

4.00 - Dove
2.00 - Dentek
.47 - tax
-1.50 - Dove q
-1.00 - Dentek q

I got back another $4 and $2 reward, so again made money on these 2 items.

Everything I got will go to the food pantry for April.

2 12 ct rolls Cottonelle toilet paper
2 bottles Dove shampoo
2 packages dental floss

I got a sample in the mail yesterday of Kelloggs All Bran cereal and Bran Buds and they will go to the pantry also.

I finished reading my book Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs. Supernatural - very good.

March pantry totals

March 29th, 2010 at 07:32 pm

I made another trip to King Soopers to pick up a few more free things for the food pantry. One of the reasons I go to the grocery store so often is King Soopers has a coupon policy of only 3 like item coupons per transaction. So if I have 8 coupons I have to make 3 transactions. Plus I find coupons for sale items thru blogs I read or the Sunday newspaper comes out with good coupons.

15.00 - Gift Card
4.00 - 4 Scotch Brite sponges
1.50 - Betty Crocker warm delights
3.00 - 2 Ronzoni spaghetti
.48 - 1 tomato
1.98 - 2 I can't believe it's not butter
1.98 - 2 Bumbleebee tuna
-4.00 - wyb 8
-2.00 - 2 .75 Scotch Brite q's doubled
-1.00 - .75 Betty crocker warm delights q doubled
- .50 - ecoupon BC warm delights
-2.00 - 2 .75 Ronzoni q's doubled
-1.98 - 2 .60 I can't believe butter q's doubled
-2.39 - 1 free tuna - huge overage on this
14.07 for a $15 GC

The pantry gets:

2 Ronzoni spaghetti
2 Bumbleebee tuna
1 Betty Crocker Warm delights

I budget $20.00 a month for pantry donations and hope to donate at least 100 items each month.

I spent $21.55 - a little over budget, but last month was under a little bit
I dontated 114 items
@ cost .05 each
Total cost before coupons = 125.03

I also made it to 600 grocery points so I will get .60 off gas next time I fill up.

My parents went on vacation last week. Before they left I asked them not to buy me any stuff. Mom wanted to know why and I told her I don't need any more stuff. She said I had to let them buy me lunch for picking up the mail while they were gone if I wouldn't let them buy me stuff. I don't like getting paid for helping out, but would rather have lunch than more stuff. Anyways she brings me a bag of stuff today and I'm thinking oh no, more stuff. It was 4 cans of pumpkin Smile cool! Stuff I can use since I can't find pumpkin in the stores here, which she knows. It was funny. She said when she was in the checkout line several people wanted to know where she got the pumpkin since they said they weren't able to make pumpkin pies at xmas since they couldn't find any pumpkin. This was in Missouri. She got one can for herself too.

I finished reading the library book Born of Fire by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Supernatural - very good.