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April Networth

May 1st, 2007 at 03:47 am

It was a very good month for increasing my Net Worth. Increased by 3.42%

I'm on vacation this week and enjoying the time to read, read, read.

Took my niece bowling on Saturday with a friend and her daughter. $18 for 2 games and shoes. Prices for bowling have gone up, but it's worth it. She enjoyed it. We went to Zio's for lunch. Love their spagetti and went to Cold Stone for a late afternoon snack.

Went to used bookstore and was a little surprised by the 5 books she picked out to read. 4 on the Underground Railroad and 1 on the Holocaust. Unusual for a 12 year old. I have $450 in credit at the used bookstore. I've been going there for 20 years now. But since I moved out of town I don't go very often anymore because it's so far away.

Finished reading the library book Alibi Man by Tami Hoag. Mystery. Ok

Finished listening to the library book on tape Sleeping with Fear by Kay Hooper. Mystery. Very good.

doing a good job

April 24th, 2007 at 03:34 am

The weatherman is calling for snow tonight and tomorrow. We'll see. Right now there is a nice lightening storm. I love to watch those. I don't like the headache the weather is bringing thou, could do without that.

I don't know if it's just my company or everyone, but it seems like people just don't do their jobs anymore. We get paid very well at my company for the jobs we do. In my mind when I hired on I agreed to give the company value for the money they paid me. I would work hard and make them money and they would reward me with raises and promotions etc. The raises and promotions in the first few years and the last year have been very good. Some of the middle years when we going thru bankruptcy weren't so great. But overall I'm hapy with what I make. Even so I feel like the company gets a bargain in me.

I do more work than 5 other people put together on our team. And that wouldn't bother me so much except that more and more I find instances where other people didn't do their jobs at all and their are no consequences for that. I recently got a new assignment and I went checking for documentation on how to do it. My first clue that is was going to be bad was when the person who had been assigned to it for the last year didn't have any.

So I finally found some documents that were a couple years old. Basically what it is, is I need to run a twice weekly report telling me what errors exist on a certain system and then let people know which ones of their accounts have errors. So I went looking for the last file that was run. It had not been run since February of last year!

This person had not done their job for over a year. The report was a mess. It was so large I had to tell the system to give it more memory so it could run. There is no way to clean up a years worth of errors in two weeks. I was really ticked off and told my manager about the situation. Bottom line I have to clean it up the best I can and the other person didn't even get asked why they hadn't run this for a year. That really stinks.

I see examples like this all the time at work anymore. Other people don't do their jobs but report they are complete and then I get the assignment and have to work a lot of extra hours to clean up after them. Don't they care that they are taking the companies money falsely? It's like stealing to me, to not do the job you are given and taking a salary.

I keep telling my mom she raised me all wrong. She raised me with a conscience and feelings of guilt when I don't do something right. So it's all her fault. Smile She's ok with the blame for that since my sister blames her for not giving her everything she wanted as a teenager and my brother blames my parents for not giving him a job his whole life. She'll take the blame for my problem. Smile

Finished reading Innocence in Death by J.D. Robb. Mystery. Love these books, they are so good.

clean house

April 22nd, 2007 at 04:34 am

I really hate when web sites or applications I use change. I'm a stick in the mud and don't like to re-figure out how to use something. Smile

Recently my company upgraded to Office 2003 and the Outlook is all different and I don't like it. Just leave it alone, it worked fine the way it was.

Mom and I are walking outside again. Almost all the snow has finally melted from December, just a few patches left here and there. The wildflowers are starting to come up too.

I broke down and had had a cleaning service come in and clean my house on Friday. I got so far behind and it was such a mess I was defeated before I even started trying to clean. I love the results, the whole house is clean at once and they did a great job. The toilets look brand new. We have calcium in our water and the spots are very hard to get out but they did it.

I used Merry Maid, 2 people for 1 and 1/2 hours $141. It wouldn't be worth it for me to do every month, for one thing my house doesn't get that dirty with just me, but every 3 or 4 months would be nice.

I got another bonus from work for $250 in Gift cards. Still have most of the cards left from the one I got in December, but it was very nice.

As I expected the ordeal with my mortgage company is ongoing. They reported me one month late on my payment to the credit companies and now I'm having to deal with that. I called the mortgage company and they can't fix it unless I write them a letter explaining what happened. They caused the problem and now I have to jump thru hoops to get it fixed. GRRRR!!!

I haven't felt like getting on the computer much lately for fun stuff. Too much time spent on it for work. But I felt free this weekend without the expectation that I would have to spend a lot of time cleaning my house, so I caught up with a lot of blogs and also sent for a bunch of free samples from WalMart. I haven't been doing that much recently and I used to check them out about once a week.

I've been spending a lot of time doing jigsaw puzzles lately. It's very relaxing and cleans out my head from work.

I finished reading the library book Empire by Orson Scott Card. Adventure. This was very good and very realistic. It predicts a civil war very soon in America's future because the political rhetoric is so outrageous any more. Very good story line.