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cheap salad and girl drama

March 11th, 2012 at 08:07 pm

I went to Walgreens and Safeway this morning. At Walgreens I got paid to buy 4 Right Guard deodorants and they each had a free trial size of body wash attached. They are on sale BOGO, but some of them had the trial size body washes attached and some of them didn't. So I made sure to get 4 with the free body washes. All of them will be donated.

17.96 - 4 Right Guard deodorants
.62 - taxes
-8.98 - 2 free for BOGO sale
-6.00 - 2 $3/2 coupons
3.60 - I got a $4 RR back for buying 4 Right Guards, this made me .40c

At Safeway I got a bag of Fresh Express asian salad kit for .50. It was on sale for $2.50 and I had a $2 coupon. I have some left over ham so I will have that and a large salad for dinner tonight. I also got 4 large Symphony chocolate bars for my nieces. On sale for $1.50/each. I had a coupon for buy 3 get 1 free. So paid about $1.12/each. I'll go back tomorrow and get another bag for tomorrows super.

And I did a price match a Walmart last night. Walgreens had Russel Stover sugar free candy on sale, buy 1 get 1 free. But they didn't have the variety I wanted, which is the butter caramel, (so good). I got 4 bags at Walmart for .75/each after the sale. Very good price.

My niece called for over an hour Friday night. She lives with 3 other girls. She's very pretty, but she doesn't really think about it much. She likes to dress up, but she's not vain. Anyways the other girls are all chunky and man-hungry. My niece is outgoing and likes to talk to people, but they get upset and say she is trying to get all the guys, blah, blah, blah. Makes my niece unhappy. So they went out and she didn't talk to anyone, so of course none of the guys came over and that made them even more unhappy. They asked her what she was doing and she said, "you get unhappy when I talk to guys and now you're unhappy when I don't talk to them, what do you want from me?"

I told her she is perfectly fine the way she is, and she shouldn't try to change herself for someone else. They will still find something about you to dislike, because the problem is them and they can't acknowledge that, so they blame you. If you change yourself, you'll be unhappy, they will still be unhappy and now everyone is unhappy. Stay the way you are and at least you will still be happy and true to you.

It helped some, but it's mostly that age group of girls. They are all juniors in college and I don't know why they think having a man in their lives will fix everything. You need to like to live with you and be happy with you, before you can expect to be happy with someone else.

She said she felt better, but it won't last. When you have 3 people picking on you, it's hard to live that way. Next week is her spring break. I told her to come down and stay with me or mom for a couple of days. We'll go shopping and to the movies and I promised her mom would make her good food. She thought that was a good idea and I hope she does it. I know she wants to go skiing with her boyfriend and she has some homework and working at her job to do, but I'd love to have her come spend some time with us and get away from a stressful living situation.

I hate these kinds of conversations with anyone. There's nothing you can do to help, you can just listen and offer support. I can just tell her she's wonderful and I love her. I can't change the way they act or the way she feels. I like it better when she tells me she needs an idea for an essay or groceries or something like that. Things I can actually do something to help.

My niece said she doesn't want to talk to her boyfriend about this stuff, for one thing she's only been seeing him for about a month and for another she says he doesn't want to hear about girl drama. She's smart to know that and not fill his ears with all the crap about her roomates.

I finished reading the library book Sweet Silver Blues by Glen Cook. Sci/Fi - ok

8 Responses to “cheap salad and girl drama”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    Did she pick these girls as roommates? Usually by junior year you live with people by your own choosing. Or are they "frenemies"? (Just learned that word from my 13-year-old daughter).

  2. retire@50 Says:

    they picked each other, she's lived with one for 2 years, but the other 2 just this year. I think they've just become man-hungry - her term - recently since she got a boyfriend and they don't like it. Girl Drama Frown

  3. Swimgirl Says:

    I do pretty well with couponing, but you are truly a pro!

    Man, it seems like there's always drama with roommates. She's lucky to have so much support from you!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    You've got one lucky niece! Smile (she has you to talk to about this kind of thing)

  5. baselle Says:

    I think your support and just listening, maybe giving her the long view about her issues do her a world of good. She might be a looker, but what really attracts the men is being comfortable in your own skin. Even though men can be a bit dense reading many emotions, they can all sense desperation. She's got three more months - after that, flee or find new roommates.

  6. CB in the City Says:

    Believe me, you ARE doing something to help, just by listening and caring.

  7. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    what baselle says.

    But when I was in college, getting roommates was more a function of necessity, you need them to afford off campus living and took (mostly) what you could. Perfect, or even satisfactory roommates, are not exactly always in the equation.

    I dove into my books and studied ALOT (but that's also because I was an engineering student and had an avalanche of work).

    Steer her gently away from the social stuff and toward the academic stuff. STUDY in the library and don't hang out at home; join a campus group that is doing local aid such as tutoring school kids or environmental protection (or whatever subject she likes).

    Keep your fingers crossed.

  8. retire@50 Says:

    part of the problem is she's more serious about school than the others and they complain she studies too much and doesn't want to do the fun stuff. It's basically just jealousy and like I tell her, it doesn't matter if she changes or not they will find something else to dislike. She has a lease till August and then I don't know what she'll do. She needs roomates. I advised her to get in a mixed house or get guys, but her mom had a fit so that's not going to happen. I just think girls are too emotional to live with easily.

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