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February 17th, 2012 at 09:39 pm

updated to add this information about swagbucks that I read on Money Saving Mom

If you havenít signed up for Swagbucks, you can receive an extra 110 Swagbucks when you use the code BIRTHDAYBASH12 when signing up for a new account. Youíll also receive the standard 30 points, so youíll get a total of 140 free Swagbucks if youíre a first-time sign-up!

If you're interested in using my link as a referral, here it is... thx

Text is and Link is

ytd = April 1 2011 - March 31, 2012
Coupon total ytd = 1,948.91
RX total = 421.66
Discounted Gift Cards = 214.93
Total = 2,585.50

I had 3 $5 OYNO coupons when I went to Safeway today. I got the following and paid .06c after the coupons. I found a dime the other day so consider it all free.

1 bunch celery
2 bunches radishes
2 bags coleslaw mix
2 8 oz packages mushrooms BOGO
1 6 oz pack David sunflower seeds
1 lb turkey deli meat

At King Soopers I got 4 large tubes of Colgate toothpaste for free after coupons. I'll keep one and donate the other 3.

I got 2 free magazines from the library, they were giving them away.

I finished reading my book Beyond the Dark. Paranormal short stories - very good.

3 Responses to “free groceries”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Okay, I've signed up through your link and have already earned 167 swagbucks. Still not completely sure how it is all supposed to work. The daily tasks don't seem to work for me.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I now have 5 referrals for SBs, and the only one who's earned anything for me is my dad (when I remind him to search, or when I'm there to do the searching for him!) It's a bit frustrating ... thankfully my Beezag referrals are much more active. Big Grin

  3. retire@50 Says:

    Thanks LuckyRobin. Here's some links that explains ways to learn how to earn more swagbucks

    Text is and Link is
    Text is and Link is
    Text is and Link is
    For me the best deal is wait till I get 900 swagbucks and then redeem them for 2 $5 Amazon gift cards - 450 swagbucks each. I wait till I have enough for 2 because you can only redeem 2 a day and that seems easiest to me.

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