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$23.84 for groceries

February 9th, 2012 at 10:06 pm

I ended up spending more than my $20 challenge, but I got a couple of splurge items for my niece at the last minute. Here's what I got.

garlic powder - .50c
onion powder - .50c
garlic salt - 1.00
ground pepper - .74
40 oz heinz ketchup - 1.98
6 Knorr pasta side dishes .25/each - 1.50
3 boxes mac and cheese - FREE
1 bottle Dawn dishwashing soap - .49
1 jar Mt Olive Pickles - 1.99
1 jar Vlassic pickles - 1.99
Jif peanut butter - 2.74
2 boxes 12 ct taco shells - 1.50
4 boxes various kinds of pasta - 4.32
1 package Sheets energy strips - FREE

I splurged on the following

1 can Pringles (her favorite) - 1.65
1 box Duncan brownies mix - .94
1 package Homestyle Kraft mac and cheese - 2.00

So I did pretty good. I get pasta free all the time so it irked me to actually pay for it Smile but she lives off the stuff. I usually give her several boxes everytime I see her.

I did some other shopping too. At Safeway I got 3 Hallmark greeting cards and used a $2 coupon making them $4.39 and I got back a coupon for $5 off my next order - moneymaker.

At Walgreens I did 2 transactions. In the first one I bought St Josephs aspirin and Sheets energy strips. I paid using RRs from previous transactions so these were FREE and I got back $7 in RRs.

The second transaction I got Ubiquinot CoQ10, Sundown vitamin D3 and Artic Naturals Omega 3s. I used the $7 in RRs I just got and a $1 coupon on the Sundown vitamins. I spent $24. However Walgreens has a rebate deal on all of these and 10% bonus for getting the rebate on a Walgreens card. So I will get a Walgreens gift card for $31.90.

I got more free vitamins at King Soopers. I got 2 Nature Made multivitamins - BOGO for $10.49 and used a $3 coupon making 2 bottles $7.49. And I got 2 large bottles Natures Bounty Omega 3 BOGO for $9.99 and used $6's in coupons making it $3.99 for 360 pills.

I entered the Nature Made codes into their wellness program and I had enough to order another $7 coupon from them.

Last stop was the Natural Grocery store where I got 2 bottles of unrefined coconut oil for $5.49/each and a jar of cashew butter. The cashew butter was really expensive at $6.5, but I've been wanting to try it to see what it's like. It's ok, I like peanut butter better and it's a lot cheaper, but now I know.

I finished reading my book Hexed. Paranormal short stories - very good.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    You are quite the bargain shopper!

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