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December 30th, 2011 at 12:42 am

Took my youngest niece to see Sherlock Holmes this afternoon. We both liked it. Spent $12 using my CC that gives 5% back on movies this quarter.

Went to the Egg and I for breakfast/lunch first. First time there for her and she got an omelet and said it was really good. I spent $17.35. I also bought a $50 gift card and got a $10 bonus gift card. Again paid for with my CC that gives 5% back on restaraunts this quarter.

Before picking her up I stopped at King Soopers and got 5 Zone bars for free. King Soopers changed their coupon policy from only allowing 3 like coupons to allowing 5. That's good news for me and a little surprising since most stores are making it harder to use coupons. Gave all the bars to my niece since she likes them.

After the movie we stopped at a calaner kiosk in the mall and she got a Michael Jackson calendar for half price. Mom always buys them a calendar each year and she gave her $15 towards one, but niece only spent $9 and gets to keep the extra.

Last stop was the dollar store. I needed 13 gallon trash bags and wanted some lemon juice. They didn't have any juice, but I got 28 trash bags for a $1.

My niece was telling me her mom's new boyfriend has started spending Friday and Saturday night there and she really doesn't like it. I told her she's welcome to come stay with me when she wants to. She said she had thought about doing that. It must really be bad for her to want to leave all her stuff to come to my boring house. I don't have any game systems or movie channels or stuff for her to play with. If she decides to come over I'll see about renting a movie or something. She doesn't like to read, so I can't give her a book. The older one would be ok with that. I have my dolls from when I was a kid and when she was younger she used to play with those, but she's 17 now, way to old for that.

I finished reading the library book Tangled Reins by Stephanie Laurens. Romance - pretty good.

3 Responses to “Sherlock Holmes”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    You sound like a blessing to your niece.

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Well that sounds like a wonderful day! Smile
    I was also catching up on your posts I missed recently and it sure sounds like you are a blessing for your nieces. Esp. the way their parents acted at Christmas!

  3. baselle Says:

    Sounds like your niece's regular house is way too exciting, if you ask me. Sometimes a boring ol' house is *exactly* what your niece needs. Have her bring some stuff under the excuse that "I want to show my aunt this" and you can show her stuff.

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