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why is it?

December 19th, 2011 at 10:32 pm

that celery is so cheap right now? It's .69/lb right now and usually it's $1.49 - $1.79. I don't know anything about how celery is grown, but I'm sure it's an above ground crop, so it seems weird that it's so cheap right now. I'm taking advantage of it and am eating it almost every day.

I mixed about 4 oz's cream cheese, about 1 cup peanut butter, some caramel extract and some Splenda water together to make a really good spread to put on the celery. I didn't measure, just tasted till it seemed good. I like this a lot. I read about it on the Hold the Toast blog and she used it as a spread for apple slices.

ytd = April 1 2011 - March 31, 2012
Coupon total ytd = 1,491.03
RX total = 406.32
Discounted Gift Cards = 211.05
Total = 2,108.40

I went to Walmart this morning and it was very busy, but they had a lot of cashiers and it went fairly fast.

I got 1 Yes to Carrots berry lip moisturizer, a trial size of Olay body wash and 2 1.25 liters of Coke Zero for free. I'll donate the Coke. I got 2 lbs of Challenge butter for $1.98/lb after $1 coupons. I got 2 6 oz cans of Muir Glen tomato paste for .17/each.

I finished reading the library book Intrigues by Mercedes Lackey. Sci/Fi - very good.

3 Responses to “why is it?”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I picked up a bag of celery for only .50. I just figured it was because it was Thanksgiving time.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    It's generally cheaper November to December because people use it in their stuffing at the holidays.

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I grew it one year and now so appreciate the store bought. Mine was like some undomesticated wild thing---puny, dark, strong flavored, and fibrous. It was not easy even to get that!....I've never noticed before that it was cheaper around holidays. We just paid $0.79 for a very big bunch. Yes, that is much cheaper than it had been.

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