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October 10th, 2011 at 09:55 pm

My sister and I drove up to see my niece yesterday. They confronted the roommate and she yelled and screamed and said they were all horrible people, but then agreed to move if they would give her money. They agreed just to get the argument over and then talked to the landlord. The landlord is supposed to give her eviction papers today and she has till the 28th to move out.

The landlord also put deadbolts on each girls room, so they are all hiding all their stuff in their rooms. My niece has all the dishes and knives in her room. Makes it hard to have meals.

She was tired and worn out from all the drama, but looked amazing. She has the knack of taking all kinds of clothes and combining them in a way that looks different, but fantastic. I would never come up with the combinations she does. It doesn't hurt that she has a perfect figure. Her hair is bright red right now. Both of my nieces go thru tons of color changes on their hair.

We took her to Red Robin and then walked around the mall for an hour and my sister wanted to leave. I couldn't believe it. What's the point of driving two hours up and two hours back to just spend two hours with her? Didn't make sense to me.

I recieved a newsletter from the homeowners assn and they say if the town I live in goes ahead with a planned water increase, it could cost each homeowner more that $400/month. I think/hope their math is wrong. I did the math and think it's closer to $40/month, either way it's a big increase but I could definitly deal with $40/month better than $400/month - especially for water. $40/month would be almost $500/year for water. I can only wait and see what the final result is.

Water's a big issue in Colorado and we have lots of areas where they've built too much and are having a hard time supplying the new homes. I've been here 11 years this year and when I moved here there was plenty for years, but since then they've builts 1000's of homes and commercial businesses so it's no wonder they are running out.

They also sent a letter saying you now had to have a parking permit to park in front of the units. Apparently they sent one for free in 2005, but since I park in my garage I threw it away. Now all your visitors have to have a permit too, so I need to get one for parents and friends when they come. $25 but it's forever I don't have to renew it every year. Too bad I threw the other one away, but who knew they would change the parking rules 6 years later Smile

I finished reading the library book Caleb by Sarah McCarty. Paranormal - very good. Also finished the library book The Council of Shadows by S.M. Stirling. Paranormal - also very good.

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