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September 26th, 2011 at 01:22 pm

ytd = April 1 2011 - March 31, 2012
Coupon total ytd = 1,049.64
RX total = 251.32
Discounted Gift Cards = 207.19
Total = 1,508.15

I ran several errands this morning - Walgreens, post office, Natural Grocers, Safeway, King Soopers and Walmart. While driving around I was listening to a CD called 100% Funk. One of the songs was Car Wash and one of the lines was the wash is free if you fill up your tank. I miss those days when I could get free car washes with fill-ups. For a long time they were only $1 with a fill-up. Now you're lucky to find one for $8. Next I'll be longing for nickel candy and talking about waiting for the school bus in 20 degree weather Smile

At Walgreens I got 2 bottles of CoQ10 for $50 - $8 in coupons and by using my AARP card I got a coupon for $5 to use on my next order.

I got 2 bottles of coconut oil at the Natural Grocers. I'll use the virgin oil for cooking ($6.49) and the refined bottle ($5.49), for moisturizer on my face and feet. This works really well for that at night before I go to bed. And last winter it's the first thing I've found that helps with the intense itching I get on my legs from dry skin.

At Safeway I got 3 travel size boxes of Tide for free.

At Walmart I got 4 packages of 12-ct Schick disposable razors and made $4.12 that I used on other purchases. I had 2 $6/2 coupons and each pack was $1.97 - so a moneymaker.

My arm is so sore today. I scrubbed the kitchen floor really well last night and it ached so much last night I couldn't sleep. I took two Aleve and it barely touched it. This morning I took two more and it's finally starting to feel better. Getting old Smile

I'm surprised it wasn't my knees that hurt. They're usually the ones that complain when I do that kind of work.

I finished reading 2 library books Promises Linger and Promises Keep by Sarah McCarty. Romance - both were very good.

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