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September 18th, 2011 at 12:04 pm

Before my mom went in the hospital I had started a deep cleaning on my kitchen. I was halfway thru cleaning out all my kitchen cabinets and wiping them down. I finally finished them yesterday after about a week hiatus. Today I'm working on the pantry and hope to finish it. I've done 2 of 5 shelves. If I do finish I'll start on the appliances tommorrow.

My pantry doesn't contain as many things as it used to because of my new low-carb/paleo way of eating. I've gotten rid of most of the processed food items like salad dressing, soups, pasta etc. That makes it easier to clean, but bugs me in a way. I've always been a big believer in having a fully stocked pantry in case of emergencies. It's difficult to stock most meats or fresh produce in order to have several months of supplies. I'm still stockpiling non-food items, but the sense of unease is there for not having a big supply of food to turn to in case of whatever.

I can stockpile green beans, nuts (for a few months), tomatoes, salt, vinegar, oils, spices, splenda, stevia, canned mushrooms, natural peanut butter, tuna and broth.

I finished reading the library book Tracker's Sin by Sarah McCarty. Romance - very good. Also finished The Devil Colony by James Rollins. Adventure - very good.

4 Responses to “housecleaning”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    What about canned salmon and canned chicken? Do you like sardines or herring? I'd suggest canned ham or beef but that usually has tons of additives. Another low glycemic veggie most people don't think about is canned water chestnuts. What about seeds for sprouting? Sprouts are low glycemic.

    Another thing you might want to check into might be the Aerogarden. It's a small hydroponics unit in which you can grow salad greens. It costs around $150, but you'd be able to grow your own greens year round inside. I'm saving up for one as the price of lettuces this year has been ridiculous. .

  2. baselle Says:

    Winter in Colorado will be a challenge (reason why our ancestors feared winter), but perhaps you have space for a hot box outside - basically its a raised bed, boxed sides and a glass top that latches shut. You can shut it during cold nights - the greenhouse effect will keep your plants warm enough through moderate frosts - latch it open during warm days. The idea is to grow lettuce, grow kales and fall vegetables (which are tastier after a frost), bury and store carrots/beets. Not quite paleo eating, more like colonial eating. Big Grin

  3. naomibatac Says:

    I plant my lettuce, garlic, onions, and cilantro on plastic pet bottles which I cut into two and use both as pots that I hang on the wall near the garage. You can try other vegetable that you include in your paleo diet. The harvest can feed 2 to 4 people per plastic hanging pot.

  4. retire@50 Says:

    the water chestnuts are a good idea, I'll get some of those. I tried container gardening on my patio and while I was in the hospital last year the HMO sent a notice saying I couldn't do that, so dad got rid of all of it for me. I've thought about the aerogardens. I've seen them at Bed, Bath and Beyond for @ $140 so even with a 20% coupon and 8% discounted gift cards it's over a hundred dollars before buying the supplements, not sure that's cost effective but still thinking about it.

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