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June 3rd, 2011 at 08:55 pm

ytd = April 1 2011 - March 31, 2012
Coupon total ytd = 406.50
RX total = 130.78
Discounted Gift Cards = 207.19
Total = 744.47

This morning when my mom came over to walk, she gave me a sealed envelope. I asked her what it was and she said it's for you. So I opened it and it was a check for $5000. My parents have decided to start doling out some money to me and my sister before they die. I don't need it and told her to spend it on something they want, but she refused. I always feel so weird when I get money like this. I didn't 'earn' that money so it feels wrong to have it. Ah well, into the bank it goes, it more than paid for my carpet.

I think part of the reason they did it now was because my sister is buying her new house and has a lot of unexpected expenses right now and they want to help her out, so they think if they give her money, they should give me money. I keep telling them if they want to give money to my sister or my brother when he was alive, it's nothing to me, it's not my money, they can spend it however they want. Before he died they gave my brother almost 90K with the understanding it was coming out of his part of the inheritance. At least he got part of his inheritance before he died.

Mom and I went in town yesterday to scope out Costco and try to decide if we should purchase a membership. We decided we didn't think it was worth it, even if we split it. She was also looking for bday gifts for my niece so we went to Borders where I got 3 books. I'm out of gift cards so I actually had to pay $9 after a 30% discount on each book and $5 in bonus bucks. First time I've had to pay at Borders in a couple of years I think. I need to cash in some of my rewards programs and get some more gift cards.

They didn't have the book mom was looking for so we went to Mardels. I had a 30% off one item coupon that I sent her, so we both had one. She found the book she wanted, but didn't want anything else so I gave my coupon to someone in the store to use.

We went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch and mom paid, she had a coupon for 25%.

Last stop was Target where I got 8 boxes of Jello and a package of Oscar Meyer bacon. I spent $8.30 and used $5.44 in coupons.

Went to King Soopers this morning and transferred another prescription. Got another $25 in RX rewards on my card. Spent $2.40 for the prescription. Bought cherry tomatoes, celery and an onion paid with a $1 coupon and my RX money so free.

Finished reading the library book When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James. Romance - very good. Cute and funny.

4 Responses to “unexpected income”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Very nice gift! I'm sure your parents are the type that simply want to give because they can. They worked hard and want to share it with their children.

  2. Petunia 100 Says:

    I think your parents want the pleasure of giving some money to their children NOW, while they are alive to enjoy their children enjoying their money. (How is that for a run on sentence?)

    Don't feel guilty, enjoy the generous gift, and let your parents know exactly how you use it.

  3. Lisa Says:

    My sister and brother and their children have gotten far more than I or my son have gotten. Fine with me. My needs are met and are simple.

    Have you ever read the book "Possum Living" by Dolly Freed? Its a funny and irrevelant look at living with little to no money and having a good life. I could really identify because they loved to read and because of that were never bored. Interesting ideas to save money and some I've never read elsewhere. I got it from the library, a re-release, orginal copyright 1978.

  4. baselle Says:

    Another aspect of your parents gift that you might not have considered: they might take extra pleasure in giving to you because they know that their money won't be wasted. Kind of the reverse of thinking, "we'll give it to them because they are desperate, but we think its really going to go down a rathole".

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