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ordered rest of carpet

June 1st, 2011 at 11:29 pm

The last of my discounted gift cards arrived in the mail today so I went to Home Depot and ordered the carpet for the downstairs.

Total for both upstairs and down was $4544.15

I saved ....

$200 - installation special
$491.14 - 15% discount on carpet material since they ordered the wrong pattern
$233.31 - 8% on discounted gift cards
$81.39 - 5% on amount charged to credit card for rewards
$1005.84 = total saved or 22%

I have about 3 more days of making 5 trips up the stairs each day to finish getting the downstairs ready for the install.

I finished reading the library book A Taint in the Blood by S.M. Stirling. Sci/Fi - ok. I like his other books better and I'll read the sequel to this one, maybe the series will get better. He's very good at writing characters.

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