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costly mistake

April 27th, 2011 at 07:17 pm

I went to King Soopers yesterday for groceries and made a very bad mistake. It was late, I was hungry and I just screwed up. I wanted some salmon and they had it on sale for $6.99/lb. I saw some in the display case that said 5.99 and they looked good, so I asked the meat guy for 6 pieces. I was going to make 2 this week and freeze the rest. Well I got several other things and I knew my bill would be higher than usual, so after the coupons and RX discount I still owed $19.55. When I got home I looked at the receipt more closely and saw that they charged me $35.94 for the salmon. I almost had a heart attack. Turns out it was 5.99 per 5 oz portion. Well I didn't feel right taking it back, since it was my mistake and the store can't resell it, so I guess I will be eating some really expensive salmon. I used up $45.46 of my RX coupons.

I did get a couple of good deals. 2 doz eggs for .50/each and large Jello for .50 each and 2 free 2 liter bottles of Big Red, which goes to the food pantry.

I had to stop at Walmart on the way home to get bagged salad. They had their brand for $1.50/bag and it was over $3 at King Soopers. I also got 2 40 oz bottles of Heinz ketchup for free, which will go to the food pantry. The ketchup is on sale for $1.98 and I had 2 $2 coupons. So I actually made .04 cents that I used on the salad.

Coupon total ytd = 112.01
RX total = 79.45
Discounted Gift Cards = 52.47
Total = 243.93

Stocks are doing well right now and I reached my sell point for the year so I sold $10,000 worth of stocks today.

I finished reading Matters of the Blood by Maria Lima. Paranormal - pretty good.

4 Responses to “costly mistake”

  1. george sand Says:

    I also sold $10,000 worth of stock today. Now that I'm retired, I watch my allocation carefully.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Maybe it will be the best salmon you ever ate. ;0

  3. baselle Says:

    Live and learn with the salmon. Maybe those extra omega3s will help with the brainpower to suss out those deals.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I've using the 2/2.50 Reach Floss mq, 4/17/11 SS for overage toward purchases at Walmart. I love overage to put towards other things I want to purchase.

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