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a good potato chip substitute

March 30th, 2011 at 09:17 pm

I had to get a blood test today and afterwards went to King Soopers to pick up another prescription. It was a transferred one, so I got another $25 put on my KS card. The prescription was $1.60. You get 50 gas points for each prescription and I saw I was only $13 away from .60/gal. So I wandered thru the store to see what I could find for $13.

I got 4 Snickers easter candy eggs for free. They were $1 each and I had 2 $2/2 coupons. I got 3 bottles of Joint Juice for free using 3 $1 coupons that was over half right there. I got a big bag of dried white beans and found some hearty grain rolls in the day old section.

As I was wandering I saw a bin of small bags of Pop Chips. They looked pretty good. I decided to try them since they put me over my $13. They were really good. They had good crunch and good flavor. Only 100 calories vs 160 for 1 serving of potato chips and only 25 calories from fat vs 90 for potato chips. I'll have to start looking for coupons for them.

My latest $5 Amazon gift card came thru from Swagbucks and I ordered 3 more free books from Amazon with it and the 5 others I already had.

I finished reading the library book River Marked by Patricia Briggs. Paranormal - excellent.

2 Responses to “a good potato chip substitute”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Never heard of Pop Chips. Are they made from another vegetable? Are they carby?

  2. retire@50 Says:

    They are made from potatoes and have 16g Carbs per serving.

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