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March 6th, 2011 at 07:46 pm

Well I finally finished my taxes. I do my own, but this year I had some new forms to figure out, because of the amount of charity contributions I made. On the form it talks about the government reduce paperwork act, what a joke! I have 8 pages of forms to fill out and I only owe $164 in taxes for the whole year. That's how much of the 10% penalty on the $10,000 I withdrew on my IRA that I have to pay.

Because I used most of the money I withdrew to pay for medical costs I don't have to pay the 10% on that portion of the withdrawl. I guessed pretty close and am happy with that amount. I had an income of 13K+ and deductions of 15K+.

I got a check for $12 from buying the Swiffer duster last month. I only spent $8.97 so that was nice. It paid for the part of the refills that wasn't completely paid for by the coupon I had.

I finished reading my book The Sleeping God by Violette Malan. Sci/Fi - sword and scorcery type. Very good, this was a new author and I'm happy to see she has more in this series. I've put the next one on hold at the library.

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