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$25 AMEX card

February 26th, 2011 at 01:37 pm

My sister works in marketing for a big software company. She puts on shows and recently did a survey at one. She needed the information in the survey input into a spreadsheet. She asked my niece if she wanted to do it, but no, that would be like working. Smile So she asked me if I wanted it for a $25 AMEX card. I said sure.

It took about an hour and a half. She wanted to give me another $25 AMEX card, but I told her that was decent pay for an hour and a half of data-entry work. Especially since no SS or taxes.

I don't get my niece, when I was 16 I worked at whatever I could to make money. I hated baby-sitting, but still took baby-sitting jobs when they were available. I worked all the hours I could get when I got my first job. But she's super spoiled, basically gets whatever she wants.

Recently she broke her cellphone on purpose because she wanted a new, more expensive, one. So far my sister has held firm and not gotten her the more expensive one. She can get her phone replaced with the same model she has now. She's always done that though, even as a little kid. If she wanted new jeans or a coat, she would rip whatever she had so she could get a new one. My sister never believed she was doing that, even though my niece told me that's what she did.

It's a bad precedent to set and will definitly not help her in her adulthood.

I got free sample of San Francisco coffee in the mail today. This will go to the food pantry.

DirecTV has free Starz this weekend, so I plan to watch some movies on TV later today - maybe with some kettle corn Smile

I finished reading my book The Last Prophecy by Jon Land. Adventure - ok.

3 Responses to “$25 AMEX card”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Your niece = WOW Frown

  2. laura Says:

    You're poor niece will get a great wake-up call when she needs to be self-sufficient!

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That is pretty bad - can't imagine doing that to my parents!

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