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free tuna, books and Excedrin PM

February 24th, 2011 at 12:10 pm

I got a notice I had 10 Border's Bucks that expired Monday and they are calling for snow this weekend so I decided to go in town and use them today. They don't give you much time to use these, 1 week. I got 2 books and after border's bucks and a 33% off coupon it was $3.23, which I paid using a free gift card. Rewards from Discover credit card.

Since I was in town I stopped at Albertson's to see if there were any deals to scoop up. Albertson's doesn't double coupons so I kept seeing what I thought were really good deals, but after translating to non-double coupon, they weren't so good Smile I did however get 4 boxes of Hamburger Helper for .50/each. These will go to the food pantry.

I also got a roll of Marcel paper towels for .25 and my best find was 24 ct Excedrin PM on sale for $2.50 and I had coupons for $2.50. Free except for taxes. I got 4 of these. I only use them a few times a month, so this is alot. I may give a couple boxes to my parents.

I stopped at King Soopers on the way home to pick up another prescription. Spent $7.32. They gave me another $25 off groceries. On the way out I saw Star Kist tuna for $1.00 and I had 2 .50 coupons which doubled. So I got 2 free pouches of tuna, which will also go to the food pantry.

My change oil light came on as I was leaving King Soopers, so I need to find a coupon for that soon. I usually go to Jiffy Lube.

I finished reading my book The Scarlet Ruse by John D. MacDonald. Mystery - very good.

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