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free milk, bread, beans, coffee and produce

February 23rd, 2011 at 02:18 pm

Yesterday I entered a simple recipe in the Pillsbury bake-off contest and they put $5 on my King Soopers loyalty card.


I also had a $3 OYNO coupon and some of my RX coupon left. I only needed a few basics today so I got

1.29 - 1 quart milk
1.39 - 1 lb dried black-eyed peas
1.59 - 1 lb dried great northern beans
1.82 - 2 large potatoes
.99 - 1 loaf rye bread - day old
1.87 - 8 bananas
.84 - 3 onions
5.67 - 3 small pre-packaged Millstone coffee $1.89/ea
-5.00 - pillsbury bake off
-3.00 - OYNO q
-6.00 - 3 $2 Millstone coffee q's - made .11/each
1.46 - used my RX coupon to pay $0

The coffee goes to the food pantry.

I finished reading my book An Original Sin by Nina Bangs. Romance - ok.

1 Responses to “free milk, bread, beans, coffee and produce”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    This was so super easy,I agree.
    My recipe was , Pillsbury biscuits, make according to instrutions on roll. Serve with Smuckers Jam!
    The only requirements are to use two participating ingredients which Smuckers Jam and Pillsbury biscuits are part of. Submit this, get $5 FREE, super easy Smile
    Thanks for linking to me Smile

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