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colder than cold

February 1st, 2011 at 01:20 pm

I know some of you might think that's not possible, but today I think it is here in Colorado. My furnace has been running all night and all day. During the day I have it set to 64. Outside the temperature hasn't hit 0 yet today. They think the high will be 2 degrees. We only got about a half an inch of snow, but man is it cold. Stayed home and didn't even go to Walmart to walk. I'll read a book and fix some spaghetti w/mushrooms and onions for supper.

I cleaned out my freezer yesterday and I have a whole shelf that's empty now. I'm sure I'll fill it up soon. There are still several King Soopers mega deals I want to do, just haven't made it to that store yet.

Paid credit cards online yesterday and I kept getting an error at Chase for most of the day that they couldn't get to the payment page. It sure does seem like a lot of websites are having problems lately. I don't know if they're not testing them right before they put them out, or if it's traffic or if they are getting hit by hackers. It just seems I'm running into a string of website problems lately.

My cleaners came yesterday and raised the price $5/visit. It's still only $67.50, which I think is decent for about 1000 sq ft that I have them do, including kitchen, full bath and half bath. I don't have them do my office, second bedroom and bath or craft room. My second bedroom and bath is almost never used and I clean it once or twice a year. My office and craft room have too much junk I would have to put away in order for them to clean, so I do them whenever ... or never Smile

I like to start a jigsaw puzzle the day after the cleaners come so I have time to complete it before they get back in 4 weeks. I started a 1000 piece Tomas Kincaid puzzle this morning.

I finished reading the library book Queen of Swords by Sara Donati. Historical - excellent.

2 Responses to “colder than cold”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    I love jigsaw puzzles & have the day off tomorrow.... so I think I might start one too!

  2. laura Says:

    Good luck on the Thomas Kinkade puzzle. My inlaws got me one for my birthday and the pieces were too small and too many for me to make much progress. We had to put it away in time for Christmas (it was on the dining room table). Stay warm!

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