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free ink, pens and pencils

January 29th, 2011 at 11:30 pm

I got my Staples rewards in the mail today from buying ink and batteries last month. I was glad to see it since I had a coupon for 15% off at Staples that expired today. Staples also had pens and pencils on 100% rebate sale.

I have an Epson printer and I always look for the ink with the chair on it. They don't make it anymore. I was looking and looking. Fortunately I had 3 ink cartridges with me to recycle and could see the numbers I needed. I eventually figured out they changed the picture to vases instead of a chair. Not sure what the purpose of the change is, other than to make people nuts.

Anyways I got the following

21.49 - 1 Black ink cartridge
3.99 - Bic manual pencils - 5 ct
5.99 - Zebra Sarasa gel pens - 5 ct
-3.82 - 15% off q - on pencil and ink - not pens?
-2.00 - Zebra q - was right in front of pens
-25.65 - Staples rewards check
.85 - they printed out a coupon and gave me .85 cents back. Don't appear to have charged taxes. Weird. I paid nothing out of pocket and since I paid less than the check I got for the batteries I call it all free.

Anyways I will get a check back for the pens and pencils for 9.98 even though I only 'paid' 7.38 a profit of $1.60. I'll donate these to the food pantry, they collect school supplies too. I'll also get a check for $6 for recycling 3 ink cartridges. Enough to get one of the color cartridges next time.

I finished reading my book The MasterHarper of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. Sci/Fi - very good.

3 Responses to “free ink, pens and pencils”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Nice savings!

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    I read that you can't "roll" your Staples rewards (i.e., use rewards to purchase other things for which you get rewards). The post said they will deduct the amount of the new reward by the amount of the old reward. However, you can use rewards for rebate items. Have you found this to be true? I'd love to validate this...

  3. retire@50 Says:

    Well I did it yesterday, so I guess you can. Maybe some stores will and some won't. I wish stores would have the same policy across states. I'm always reading about something that doesn't work here, or if it works here it doesn't work somewhere else. Like putting RRs on Walgreens gift cards - works here, but not elsewhere.

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