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dueling smoke alarms

December 27th, 2010 at 08:20 pm

In Colorado the building code says you have to have smoke alarms in every bedroom and hallway, you also have to have a carbon monixide alarm on each floor. This morning I woke up to the smoke alarm battery chirping. Since they are so close together (about 6 feet apart) it's often difficult to tell which one is the problem. I figured out it was coming from downstairs so elimanated 3 of them that way.

So I figured it was either my bedroom or the hallway. I thought it was the hallway so I changed the battery there. But I kept hearing chirping so I changed the one in the bedroom too. But both of them kept chirping. They were dueling. My dad had to come over to pick up a crock pot of beans mom wanted to make for dinner tonight, only she didn't have any beans or a crock pot. She loaned hers to my aunt. I always have tons of dried beans so I told her I would soak them last night. Anyways he had to pick those up and I asked him to bring his battery checker to see if maybe my batteries were bad. They were new, but have been in the closet for a year or two. Both batteries tested good. I was going to Walgreens so figured I would buy new ones and try them.

At Walgreens I did 2 transactions. The first one was:

12.00 - 2 Vicks Sinex
8.00 - 2 Vicks Vapo Rub
3.18 - 2 100 ct boxes Puffs tissue
1.50 - taxes
-8.00 - 2 $4 q's for Vicks Sinex
-2.00 - 2 $1 q's for any Vicks product
-3.18 - 2 buy 2 Vicks products get a free Puffs tissue
-1.40 - WAGS q on the Puffs discounted to .89/each
10.10 - got back a RR for $10 because I bought $20 in Vicks products. All the Vicks stuff will go to the food pantry and I'll keep the 2 boxes of tissue for 10 cents.

Second transaction

6.58 - 2 2 packs of Olay bar soap
11.98 - 2 2 packs Energizer 9V batteries
.89 - 1 Mars Simply Caramel candy bar
1.20 - taxes
-4.00 - 2 $2 Olay soap q's
-1.65 - WAG b1g1 50% off sale on Olay soap
-2.00 - 2 $1 Energizer q's
-10.00 - RR from previous transaction and why I bought the candy bar. Walgreen policy 1 q per/item
3.00 and I got back a $1 RR. I forgot Walgreens only gives 1 RR on an item. I should have done another transaction and got the batteries separately and I would have got another $1 RR.

When I got home I changed both smoke alarm batteries again and they finally guit chirping. I was putting the step ladder away and I hear another chirp sounding like it came from the furnace room so I checked that and the carbon monixide alarm was chirping. So I had to change those batteries too. It needed 3 AA's. Finally though there is peace and quite in the house Smile I can't understand why all the batteries quit working at the same time. I hadn't realized the 9V batteries had gotten so expensive, even with the RRs and the coupons about $2 each.

I finished reading the library book Sins of the Heart by Eve Silver. Paranormal - very good. This is a new author for me and I liked it a lot. I plan to put some of her other books on hold at the library.

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  1. marvholly Says:

    We seem to read a lot of the same genre/authors but I do not do paranormal.

    Right now I am reading Follet's Fall of Giants (984 pages). It is the first in a new trilogy. Came out in Aug or Sept. No idea when the other 2 are due to come out.

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