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I can't believe they took the whole thing

November 16th, 2010 at 01:27 pm

I had my kidney surgery last Wednesday. It was supposed to be a partial kidney removal, but once they got inside the position of the tumor to the other organs made it imposible to do the partial kidney removal and they had to take the entire kidney. The surgery took 4 hours and then I had a very hard recovery. I was in recovery for another 4 hours. I was panting and it was very hard to breathe. Some air got trapped outside of my lungs and they had to make sure that disbursed. This is similar to what happens to divers who go too deep and then surface to quickly. It's very painful.

On top of that the anesthesia caused me to have nausea and I spent quite a bit of time throwing up. Throwing up with 6 holes in your stomach is very painful. I was finally taken to my room but it was so late my parents weren't allowed to bring my case to the room - so no earplugs to help me rest.

They gave me pain ball that inserted pain medicine directly into the incision site and I also had a morpine button to push as needed. It really didn't seem to work. I didn't expect to sleep that first night and I didn't. The next day was slightly better, they took the catheter out in the morning and I was able to use the restroom by myself. They gave me liquids and introduced solids later. I was able to handle a small amount, but wasn't very hungry. Because the surgery was more invasive than orginally planned I ended up spending two nights at the hospital.

They gave me pain meds instead of the morphine button the second day and that was great, it actually took all the pain away. But they came in and said they were taking my morphine button away and giving me the meds so they unhooked the morphine and then forgot to give me the meds. So about an hour later I asked if they planned to give me the meds and they totally forgot. They asked what my pain level was and it was a 5 by then so they hurried up and got them.

The second night was a nightmare. I had my earplugs by then so was actually able to fall asleep now and then, but I swear they had a camera on me and as soon as I had 10 to 20 minutes of sleep they would come in and wake me up. I just do not understand the hospitals mindset, how can waking someone up to do a blood pressure check every two hours be more important than letting them sleep and allowing them to relax enough so their blood pressure becomes normal. I live alone and having people just walk in your room when your are sleeping is alarming. I frequently woke up when they came scared to death. That can't have been good for my blood pressure. Needless to say I was exhausted the next morning an begged the doctor to let me go home.

I went home Friday and slept most of the rest of the day, most of Saturday and a good portion of Sunday. Now I get up and do things for a few hours and then get tired and doze off for an hour or so in my chair then I'm up again. I'm just letting my body tell me what it wants to do. Not eating a lot, not hungry. I walked a little bit in Walmart yesterday, about a quarter of the usual walk. I'm down to taking pain meds about twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed.

I expect everything will be back to normal in a couple of weeks. If I ever have another surgery though (my mom says I'm not allowed to have more surgeries Smile ), I will go back to the first hospital I went to with the original kidney stone. It is better in every way except for the gift store. It is more efficient, the nurses are better, they pay attention to privacy, it is cleaner, the food is better, just all around better.

Mom liked the gift store at the second hospital better and made 3 trips the 3 days I was there. Dad said I needed to go home so she would stop spending moeny.

The first day after the surgery I had a liquid diet for breakfast, then they brought me lunch. A hugh chicken breast with no flavor, 1/2 mashed potatoes with no flavor, green beans (didn't try them), a large roll, a large salad with dressing, juice, and chocolate pudding. A huge amount of food. I ate half the chicken breast, the potatoes, the juice and 1/2 the roll. Then they asked to make out menus for dinner and the next day. I did that, but they called me before dinner and said they lost them, what did I want for dinner.

The next morning for breakfast they didn't bring what I ordered instead for someone just out of surgery, with diabetes and high blood pressure they brought a fried croissant with egg, cheese and ham inside, two fried potato cakes, juice, an apple danish, and a bowl of oatmeal. I scooped the egg and cheese out of the croissant and ate that and 1 of the potato pancakes and the juice, then I was full. Dad got the danish.

Ah well, it's behind me now. I'm in my own home, with my own bed, my own chair, my own food. Now if people will just stop calling me as soon as I doze off :0

I only a read a couple of books, just didn't feel like doing anything. I read the library books Big Jake by J. D. Robb. Mystery - very good and Veil of Night by Linda Howard. Romance - pretty good.

18 Responses to “I can't believe they took the whole thing”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    I'm just happy you are okay. I'm sorry you had to go through such an ordeal. Take care of yourself and I a cyber ((HUG)) to you!

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Yes, we're glad you're home and resting! A speedy recovery to you!

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    Agreed with NJDeb!

    Hospitals are the worst! It must feel great to be home.

    I remember dh's mom freaking out about how quickly they released him after brain surgery, but he did do so much better once he was home. Actually getting rest may be the main factor. Plus a warm/fuzzy feeling to be home...

    Turn off the ringer and get some rest. Wink

  4. momcents Says:

    I bet you will recover much better in your surroundings! Glad the event is behind you!! Take care!

  5. Ima saver Says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Take the phone OFF the hook! I do that every night!

  6. HouseHopeful Says:

    Glad to hear that you're home! Take things slowly & feel better soon Smile

  7. creditcardfree Says:

    Sleep and recover well.

  8. Analise Says:

    Hope you have a speedy recovery. So sorry you had to go through a more invasive procedure, but now it is behind you.

  9. LittleGopher Says:

    What an ordeal, but glad you got through it and are home now. Best wishes for a quick recovery!!

  10. CB in the City Says:

    I'm so sorry about your ordeal! Having had surgery 10 months ago, I can identify with much of what you said, but my experience wasn't that bad. I certainly agree that no one is allowed to sleep in a hospital.

    Take care, rest, and soon this will be all behind you.

  11. campfrugal Says:

    My daughter is missing one of her kidneys and part of her lung. She has had many invasive surgeries, but I am so glad we have doctors that can do that.

    Anyways, prayers for a speedy recovery and enjoy your Holidays, now that your surgery is over.

  12. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I'm glad to hear you are home. It sure sounds like you had a time and a half of it. Frown

  13. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Hugs to you! Praying for your quick and full recovery!!!

  14. librarylady Says:

    I'm so happy your surgery is behind you! And glad you are home resting.
    That was so funny what you said about your Mom visiting the gift shop too much.
    Sounds like she likes to shop as much as I do!

  15. miclason Says:

    sorry to hear it was worse than originally thought, but YAY that you are feeling better. Hopefully, youŽll be back 100% in no time, keep us posted!

  16. Looking Forward Says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! Big Grin

  17. patientsaver Says:

    Oh, you poor thing. I'm so sorry you had to go thru all that. I agree,a hospital is a terrible place to try to get a rest!

    When i had my oopharectomy 3 yeas ago, they also insisted on dong the stupid blood pressure check every 4 hours 24/7, waking me up throughout the night. And the day after surgery, i think it was, when it was still agonizing to move with the abdominal incision, they made me get up to go the bathroom. And then i got an infection (probably the nurse who wanted to see the incision and then touched it....what an idiot) so i wound up with a high fever and an extra 3 days in the hospital. Anyway, feel better!!

  18. baselle Says:

    How did I miss this? Glad the surgery came and went and you are on the mend. I have to agree with the bulk of your post and most of the comments: hospitals are a crappy place to try and heal.

    I'd agree and go for the first hospital ... if you need a gift, go anywhere else.

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