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good visit

October 29th, 2010 at 01:44 pm

Yesterday my parents and I took the 2 hour drive to visit my neice in collage. I took her 3 large bags of groceries of things I have gotten free or very cheap. That was a big hit with her and her roomates.

We had dinner at Red Lobster, (her favorite and mine - popcorn shrimp). I spent $13. The discussion came up on when she might be able to come down for xmas. It looks like she will only be home on xmas day because of her work schedule. She asked for Target gift cards from me, since she works at Target and is always shopping there using her discount. That's fine with me and easy to do. But she wanted clothes from mom. So we ended up going to an outdoor mall around 6 pm last night. It was cold. But she got most of her xmas stuff from mom and now that's done. Poor dad he mostly sat in the car. He doesn't walk that well anymore and he didn't bring a coat either.

We stopped at the Container Store on the way up and I got some spice labels. Spent $4.24

This morning dad and I went and got gas. I had a .70/gal discount at King Soopers and he wanted in on the savings. I paid 1.99/gal for my gas. I got 17 gallons and he got the rest of the 35 gallons they allow.

I went to the grocery store afterwards and when I was done I had 499 points for gas for October so I went back in and bought 2 Milky Way Simply Caramel candy bars for $1 to make it 500 or .50/gal. I won't need gas next month so I will give all of that to dad to use.

At King Soopers I got the following good deals

3.56 - 4 Mahatma saffron rice packages
-4.00 - 4 .50 q's doubled
.44 profit - 2 go to my neice and 2 to food pantry

11.96 - 2 boxes Cheerios and 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
-6.00 - wyb 4 sale
-2.20 - ecoupons 2 Cheerios and 2 Cinnamon
-4.00 - 4 .55 q's doubled
.24 profit - I get the Cheerios, neice gets the Cinnamon Toast Crunch

7.96 - 4 packages 4 double rolls Quilted Northern TP
-4.00 - 4 .50 q's doubled
3.96 - real good price for TP

2.00 - 4 hot wheels cars
.16 - taxes
2.16 - goes to Toys for Tots, these are such cool toys for boys and you can't beat .50 cents apiece.

Went to Walgreens and used my raincheck on the Nivea lip care to get 3 chapsticks for free. 1 went to neice. This is a necessity in Colorado. I also got 2 packages of Contact cold meds and made 1.59 on each one. I goes to my neice, 1 goes to me and gave another $2 q to my dad so he can do the deal too.

6.00 - Contact
.41 - taxes
-2.00 - q
4.41 - got $6 RR back

I finished reading my book Wild Fire by Christine Feehan. Paranormal - pretty good.

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  1. momcents Says:

    Again, I continue to be amazed. Well done!

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