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another xmas gift off the list

October 16th, 2010 at 12:51 pm

Walgreens has phone cards this week BOGO free. I got 2 350 minute cards for $20. These and a book of stamps will go to my grandma for xmas, and probably some free stuff I'll get like soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste etc. The stamps were 5% off since I got them at Walgreens last time my credit card had 5%.

I was watching Your Money on CNN today and they said 85% of college students are moving back in with their parents. That's a huge number. The parents are saying it's their fault since they told their kids go to college, get student loans, study what ever you want (regardless if it pays anything or you can get a job in the field), there's a big world out there and you'll get a job. I really think a lot of people get took by the promise of a college degree. I know the stats say people with college degrees earn more than those without, but I'm wondering if that will still be true for the next generation. I know of so many people who got degrees and have huge loans, but don't make that much. Is the cost worth it for most people? So many people don't even get jobs in the field they got their degree in. I wonder what the stats on earnings would be for people who got jobs in their degree fields vs people who have degrees but don't work in that field.

I finished reading the library book Blood Cross by Faith Hunter. Paranormal - pretty good.

3 Responses to “another xmas gift off the list”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    In a way, I blame the parents too. Parents sometimes fail to be realistic with their children when it comes to college. It seems that for parents the college or university their offsprings choose to attend is sort of like a status symbol. When it was time for my oldest to start looking for colleges, I told him that if he chose to attend a community college and a New Jersey college, we would help him as much we could. Otherwise, he would have to take out loans and start his adult life with massive debt. Thankfully, he chose community college and just applied to a nearby university to complete his education. He also chose to be a commuter instead of paying room and board. So far, we've paid for in full for his tuition and textbooks and we'll continue to do until he is done.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    My parents wouldn't hear of my going to any college but one within our parochial system. Thankfully, at the time, my dad was still a minister, so I got the 70% tuition break. That break probably brought the cost down close to what a community college would have cost - for tuition at least. But then for the first two years I lived 1000 miles away from home - so that meant dormitory and food costs, plus airplane tickets or gas money. My last two years I switched to a college 200 miles from home. It had cheaper tuition, and there were no more airplane tickets. Thankfully, I did manage to graduate with no loans.

    Going to graduate school now, I am living at my mom and stepdad's home, but am not getting a free ride (i.e. paying rent). However, I'm paying for everything out of savings, tutoring money, and scholarships.

    I hope it will have been worth all this time and money in the end.

  3. dmontngrey Says:

    Was it worth getting a college education? YES! Was it worth the price I paid? No. I wont go off on my anti-loan, anti-college speech. I'm out on my own and I'm paying down the loans just fine. I'll be THRILLED when they are gone! Still over $20K left. Frown
    I live in a condo and the number of "kids" moving back home is ridiculous!! This is causing a tremendous parking problem as there shouldn't be anywhere near as many people living here as there are.

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