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unusual way to make money

October 13th, 2010 at 12:21 pm

I was reading an article on ways to save money. One of them was to rent an extra room or space in your garage or basement. There are 2 websites you can go to and list the space and price you want. [url]sparefoot.com[/url] and [storeatmyhouse.com[/url]

I finished reading my book Scout's Progress by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Sci/Fi - excellent.

1 Responses to “unusual way to make money”

  1. Single Guy Says:

    Doesn't sound unusual. I had a renter in my house for 18 months. Nice enough fellow, but after he left I decided I didn't want to go through having a renter again. But if you need money, that is a good way to go.

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