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business closings

October 2nd, 2010 at 01:24 pm

As I ran errands this morning I noticed several small businesses are closed or are closing around here. The Carl's Junior, Cold Stone, another ice cream place, a sandwich place, and 2 Curves are combining into one, so technically one of them is closed. After 2 years I guess they couldn't hold out any longer hoping for better times.

I went to the library, Safeway and Subway this morning. Safeway had Gala apples for .77/lb. I got a few and if I like them, I will go back on Monday and stock up. Apples last for months in the refrigerator, but some of them have a strange mouth feel, so I want to taste before stocking up.

For xmas last year I got 2 $25 Subway gift cards. I used the last of the first one today and started on the second. So lunch and dinner are free today since I got a foot long turkey sub on their new 9-grain bread. I haven't tried the bread yet, hope it's good and not grainy like some.

I got a free sample of Wisk in the mail today. Love samples. I also got the bill from the gall bladder dr - $812.40. I also got a $10 off $20 coupon for Kohl's from my Discover card. I'll probably give it to my mom since I'm not a big Kohl's shopper.

I finished reading the library book Love in the Time of Dragons by Katie Macalister. Paranormal - cute and funny, but it's part of a new series and the story left off in the middle, which I don't like.

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