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inflation, stagflation, deflation - does it really matter?

August 6th, 2010 at 09:19 pm

They are all bad for people who are savers. Heard on the news today about how much food prices are going up because of bad weather accross the world and other events. World wheat prices are up 92 per cent since early June. Corn and Oats are also way up, along with coffee. I don't care about the coffee, but the rest of it impacts many of the things I buy.

Here's a good article about it:

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Not much to do about it, however it turns out. Just keep my stockpile going and try to buy items at the best price I can.

Finished reading my book Turn Coat by Jim Butcher. Sci/Fi - excellent.

1 Responses to “inflation, stagflation, deflation - does it really matter?”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Heh. You're right. In the end, it doesn't matter. All we can do is to continue to be mindful of our money.

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