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expensive day

July 28th, 2010 at 09:31 pm

I spent $464.01 at Walmart this morning. I keep an ongoing list of household things I need and since I wanted to buy a laptop that Walmart has on sale I took my list and headed out to shop. I got the laptop for $298. It's up and running and I have it connected to the Internet. I still need to get it connected to my printer, but have to find the disk first.

I've been looking for a laptop for several months. I think this one suits my needs well. I wanted to spend less than $400 and this fits that need too. I just wanted something plain. I don't do a lot of things on my computer. Email, internet, a few spreadsheets, and an occasional letter - that's about it. No games, no TV or movies - just simple stuff. So I didn't need a lot of bells and whistles.

I like shopping at Walmart for everyday things because unless you want to spend time waiting for a sale, and checking out multiple stores they usually have very good prices, plus they are close to me, so I don't have to drive a half hour before I even get to the store.

Among other things I also got the following:

A toilet seat
A spice rack with spices
A set of silverware. I'm down to 2 forks. All the sudden the silverware I bought 10 years ago is breaking. The shafts are just breaking off when you put pressure on them.
3 magazine holders
2 pot holders
6 books
some groceries

I used all the Walmart gift cards I had got from Plastic Jungle, should have got 2 more.

I hate the laptop mouse, so need to get one of those at Staples. Walmart was out of all their mice - wierd.

The worst thing about doing a heavy shopping trip though is unpacking and putting everything away. And with computers it's installing all the neat little things you've added like RoboForm and Swagbucks. Getting my favorites, wallpaper, etc. That's not fun to me, it's more of a chore. Plus they pack stuff so it takes Houdini to get things unpackaged anymore. I bet I struggled with the silverware for 20 minutes.

I finished reading the library book The New Good Life by John Robbins. Financial book based after the latest meltdown. Has a very environmental/green slant. It was ok, nothing new or that interesting in my opinion.

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  1. sagegirl Says:

    I started one of these ongoing walmart lists as well. Things I don't buy all the time--a new mop, flea collars, paper clips, etc. They do have the best prices around here.

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