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Sarah Connor marathon

July 26th, 2010 at 06:30 pm

I put season 2 of the Sarah Connor chronicles on hold at the library over 8 months ago and they finally came in. So I got a pizza from Papa Murpheys and a friend of mine came over to watch them. There were 22 episodes. I can't imagine they had that many in one season, maybe it was combined with another. Anyways she stayed from 12 Saturday till 1 in the morning and we still had 6 episodes to go. So she came back Sunday and we watched the rest from 12:30 to 5:30. We only watched the episodes and not the extras.

The series started out really good. Very interesting. But the last episode really ruined it for both of us. We were very disappointed and of course there won't be anymore. To console ourselves we went to the new gellato place by me and got small cups of gellato Smile I got rasberry sorbet - so good.

During the marathon we stopped and got Subway on Saturday and Sunday she got Taco Bell and brought it over. So a weekend of sitting around watching TV, eating fast food and being with friends. The best kind Smile

I sprained or strained my ankle in some way and had to stop walking about a third thru our walk on Friday so the I needed to stay off it the last two days anyways. Today it feels much better. Just a few twinges now and then. Don't know what I did to hurt it, but it was very painful for awhile.

My friend has always loved my house and she made a comment on it again this weekend. I told her I'm constantly walking thru my house and thinking I love this house, or I really like the detail in that picture or art piece or whatever. Even after 9 years here I'm still extremely happy with my surroundings. That's probably one of the reasons I enjoy just being in my house for long periods of time. I don't have to go somewhere to be content or to be entertained or just do something different. I'm content where I am and have enough to stimulate me right here. Good way to save money. Buy things you love for a long, long time. So you don't need to replace them and can enjoy them for a very long time.

In fact I find that when I have a lot of things to do like going places with friends or family several days in a row, I get irritated. Not enough relaxation time of just being by myself and relaxing in the comfort of my home.

This morning I went to the library and to Safeway. I got 10 more cans of vegetables for the food pantry. This time they charged me $5.

I finished reading the library book Storm Prey by John Sandford. Mystery - very good.

2 Responses to “Sarah Connor marathon”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I'm the same way with our place. Five years ago or longer, it was the opposite--we didn't take care of our place really, so we preferred going out. When my husband moved in, he immediately started nesting, I guess you could call it--decorating, equipping the home with everything it needed to be functional, cozy and attractive. Now I love being at home, and when we have to go out too much, or spend overnight time at anyone else's home, I get a tiny bit edgy, anxious to return home to our perfect little sanctuary.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    I agree, it is so much better to have a great home that you love spending time in, than spend money trying to get away from it! We have only been here about a year and a half but are slowly doing all the things we want to, to make it ours and make it something we are proud of.

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