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Day 9

June 28th, 2010 at 08:29 pm

Week 1 - $23.17, 18.32 eating out, 4.85 groceries
Week 2 - $00.00
Week 3 - $00.00
Week 4 - $00.00

Here's yesterday's menu

1 1/2 c cheerios
skim milk
1/2 c juice

handful of walnuts

Ham sandwich
1 glass skim milk

large salad
baked potato
1 glass skim milk

peanut butter and celery

My mom goes to Curves with a woman who works at the local food pantry. She thinks things are getting better around here because last week they only had 3 new applications for food. She said at the height of the recession they were getting 30 apps a week. A month ago they were still getting 10 a week. We'll see, personally I think we've had a lull when things get a little better and then it will get worse again.

I finished reading my book Freedom's Landing by Anne McCaffrey. Sci/Fi - very good

I also finished reading the library book Inked. Paranormal short stories - excellent. There were two writers I haven't read before Karen Chance and Marjorie M. Liu, both stories were so interesting I put some of their books on hold at the library. The 3rd writer Yasmine Galenorn didn't impress me. The fourth writer was the reason I got the book. Eileen Wilks writes a werewolf series that is very good. She also writes under the name Sunny and has two very good series under that name.

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