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Day 6

June 25th, 2010 at 08:11 pm

Week 1 - $13.67, 9.82 eating out, 3.85 groceries
Week 2 - $00.00
Week 3 - $00.00
Week 4 - $00.00

Here's yesterday's menu

1 high protein Boost drink

1 banana
handful of walnuts

tuna wrap
handful of Goldfish pretzels
1 lemon pudding
1 glass skim milk

2 eggs scrambled with a little cheese
baked steak fries w/ketchup
half a can tomato soup
1 glass skim milk

celery and peanut butter

The tomato soup, cheese and goldfish pretzels were free.

I'm reading the blog of someone else doing the challenge, but not sure how healthy it is. Doesn't seem like very many fruits, veggies or dairy. But interesting anyways because of all the free stuff.

Text is and Link is

Lots of neighborhood garage sales this weekend, but it's just so hot I'm not going to go.

Finished reading the library book The 5 Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly. Adventure - very good. Reads like a video game.

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