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the lightbulb goes on

June 6th, 2010 at 12:58 pm

I was not naturally frugal as a child. I spent all of my allowance every week. I chose to become frugal in my 20's. One of the major influences to that choice was reading this article: How to Retire Six Months Every Year in the Mother Earth News.


The articles basic premise was that by not spending everything you made you could work less. This was a revelation to me and the frugal lightbulb went off in my head. From that time on I searched for ways to be frugal because my goal of not working was more important to me, than the things I could buy.

The frugal lifestyle worked for me and seems like a second skin now. I actually enjoy and take pride in not spending a lot on things. But it was not the attitude I was born with. My brother was born a natural frugalist. He always had money when we were growing up. My sister and I would spend all our allowance and borrow a dollar from him till payday and pay him back a $1.05. Good deal for him, bad deal for us Smile

One of my friends is frugal by necessity. When they got married they were deeply in debt from a failed business venture of his, where he declared bankruptcy, and after she had a child she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. So even though he makes very good money and they finnally paid off his debts, they live very close to the bone, where $5 makes a big difference. She doesn't care for the lifestyle but considers it worthwhile to be able to stay home with the kid. If things changed, they would not be frugal.

I'm sure there are others who were dragged kicking and screaming into the lifestyle because of some emergency or circumstance of life and as soon as possible will return to their spending ways.

I think some people are frugal for philosophical reasons such as saving the environment, or not wanting to consume too much.

I think it's interesting the way people arrive at the lifestyle and if they stay in it long-term. For me it was a conscious choice made to meet my goal and I've never regretted not buying more things or living in a better house, having new cars every year, etc. All the things people told me I should do on my journey from then to now - retired, house paid off and extremely happy with my life.

I finished reading the library book Arms-Commander by L.E. Modesitt Jr. Sci/Fi - very good.

2 Responses to “the lightbulb goes on”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Good article Smile it really made me think.

    I need to start reading more books again. I always think this when I read your blog but I should do something about it.

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Wish I had read this when I was in my teens. I knew there was a different way, but I had no roll models that put it in a positive light.

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