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May food pantry totals

June 1st, 2010 at 01:53 pm

I spent less than budgeted in May for food pantry items - only 14.91. I'll use up that other $5 some other month. I donated 96 items so 4 short of my 100 item goal.

The month was closer to normal spending wise - I spent @ 1500 for the month. I only ate out 9 times so that's good progress. Groceries and Eating out were about the same amount. $76.29 for groceries and $75.94 for eating out.

Yesterday I went to my sister's for hamburgers and hotdogs for nieces bday. Her bday isn't until next Monday, but sister decided to celebrate this weekend since everyone was free. My parents were there too. I drove over with them and we went back to their home after cake in the afternoon. We wanted to walk but it was still too hot at 3:00 so I played games until it cooled down at 7:00 then played more games until I went home at 10:00. I only won 3 games out of about 15, but that's ok, playing is fun regardless.

I went to King Soopers today for 3 more free Kraft salad dressings and a lot of veggies. I'm in the mood for salads right now. So tonight a baked potato and salad. Spent about an hour prepping all the salad stuff so I can just pull them together when wanted.

I got another $5 giftcard from Amazon using my Swagbucks so I ordered 3 more books from them - total $32.39. I almost have enough for another gift card. I've really been getting a lot of swagbucks lately. I got 50 the other day.

I finished reading Paranormal Romance - a series of short stories. Very good.

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  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    Sounds like a fun time with the family!

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