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May 18th, 2010 at 12:14 pm

I ran several errands this morning. I went to Great Clips for a haircut - $8.99 with coupon, saved $3 - spent $11 with tip.

Goodwill - dropped off 3 boxes of household stuff

Staples - bought 1 black ink cartridge for my printer

.35 - tax
- 2.00 - 10% rewards check from staples for previous ink purchases
-15.00 - staples check for turning in 5 ink cartridges last month
-4.00 - used the Staples card I bought that was discounted by $4
.84 for ink

Walgreens - traded in last weeks RRs for a $10 walgreens gift card and got milk and bread and a .19 cent Royal gelatin package for a filler. The gelatin goes to the food pantry. It was .47 cents after the RRs, which I paid with another WAG gift card. No oop.

Papa Murphey's - bought a large pepperoni pizza for $8. I had a $3 coupon.

I got a $5 rebate check in the mail for the Quilted Northern I got a while back. I think it was buy $20 get $5.

I finished reading the library book Conspiracies by F. Paul Wilson. Adventure - ok

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