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April 29th, 2010 at 09:21 pm

The other day I bought a $100 gift card to Walmart from PlasticJungle for $96. I used my credit card so will get another 1% back. This is just under a 5% savings before I buy anything at WalMart. I got the card in about 3 days. Mom and I went to WalMart to walk this morning because it was snowing. I used my gift card to buy 2 single servings of Edmonds lemon merigne pie and a jar of grape jelly. After coupons it was 1.93 which I paid for with my gift card. No problems, the card had $100 on it.

I have a prompt for WalMart and Staples cards on PlasticJungle so if they get WalMart cards with a discount of at least 4% and Staples with a discount of 6% I get notified and can decide to buy or not. Just another way of stretching my dollars a little farther. You can also sell or trade gift cards on the site.

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I finished reading the library book Legacies by F. Paul Wilson. Adventure - pretty good.

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