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fun splurge day

March 25th, 2010 at 11:35 pm

I took my youngest niece to see Alice in Wonderland today. We both liked it. Because it was 3-D they charged us $3 more. What a rip-off. $18 for 2 tickets. $3.75 for junk for her. All the previews we saw were for upcoming 3-D movies. I wish they would just show them regular, I don't think 3-D adds that much to the movie.

Then we went to Coach House gifts in the mall. I collect mythological art, especially dragons. I have several pictures by Nene Thomas. They had beautiful sculptures of the same pictures I have. I splurged and bought 2 for $140

Here's a link to the first one

Text is and Link is

and the second one

Text is and Link is

We went to Red Robin for lunch where I spent another $19.95 and then on to Target. Finally some bargains. I got a Connect 4 game, 2 Monopoly Card Games and a Scrabble Card Game for $3 total. These will go to Toys for Tots in November. The card games were all $5.24 and the Connect 4 game was $7. I had two $5 coupons for the Monopoly games and then a buy 2 get 1 free for the Scrabble game. The cashier gave me $6.99 for that q even though I told her the game was $5.24. I had a $4 q on the Connect 4 game.

I also bought 3 books, and a 3 qt crock pot. Total spent $40.13

A big spend day for me, but since it's rare it's not a big deal.

I finished reading the library book Spntaneous Healing by Andrew Weil. Non-fiction. Interesting to think about, but I don't totally buy it.

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