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Good shopping day

October 14th, 2008 at 11:38 pm

Went to Walmart today. Last time I went they said they weren't taking internet coupons so I had to take several items off my order. I researched and their corporate policy says they do take internet coupons so when I went in today I asked the CSR before I started shopping and he said yes they do take them. So I got all the things on my list and get to the register where the cashier says they don't take them. Sigh!!!! So I had him call over the rep and he said yes we do. Bottom line I got to use my coupons Smile I spent 14.89 and saved $14.89 exactly 50%. My best deal was on Uncle Ben's wild rice. I had 2 coupons for $1.00 off 1 box and 2 BOGO coupons. They were 1.92 each so 2 boxes for .92 cents or .46 each. I got 4 boxes. for less than the price of 1 box.

Next stop was Walgreens. I had a $10 register reward coupon left from Sunday's trip. This can be used like cash. I purchased 9 jars of the Skippy peanut butter on sale 3/$5. Total $15 - $4.80 in coupons = $10.20 I added a .39 cent candy bar since you can't have the same number of coupons if you want to use your register reward coupon. Total 10.59 for the 9 jars of PB and candy bar. After the $10 register reward I spent .59 cents out of pocket plus because I bought $15 worth of the Unilever product I got another $5 register reward to use on my next order.

I did another transaction at Walgreens for 3 bottles of Robitussin cough medicine. Same deal as Sunday. I added another .39 cent candy bar so I could use the $5 register reward coupon from the previous transaction.

11.97 cough medicine
.39 candy bar
.95 tax
-6.00 coupons
-5.00 register reward
2.31 oop and I got another $10 register reward to use on my next transaction

Last stop was King Soopers

Currently Glade has a promotion if you buy a Glade scented oil warmer you get a $4.00 catalina coupon to use as cash on your next grocery order. The Glade warmers are $4.99 but I have BOGO coupons meaning I spend 4.99 x 2 = 9.98 + .79 taxes for a total of 10.77 - 4.99 for the BOGO coupon = 5.78 and I get back 2 $4.00 coupons to use on my next order. I make $2.22. I had 4 of these from last week.

I bought 6 bananas, a potato, Sure Max deodorant and 2 more of the Glade warmers.

I used one BOGO coupon on the Glade and a $2.50 coupon on the Sure deodorant. I used 3 of the $4.00 Glade catalina coupons from last week. Total oop = .15 cents. Plus I got 2 more $4.00 coupons and There is a rebate for the Sure Deodorant so I will get another $5.99 back from that.

Overall I spent $17.94 cash today. I got 16 food items at Walmart. 11 food items at Walgreens. 2 at King Soopers. 3 bottles of cough syrup, 2 glade warmers and the Sure deodorant for that. Plus I have a $10 register reward to use at Walgreens. I have $8 catalina coupons to use at King Soopers and I will get $5.99 back in a rebate. I spent $17.94 and have $23.99 to use for other purchases.

Finished reading my book Turbulent Seas by Christine Feehan. Romance. Excellent

2 Responses to “Good shopping day”

  1. robex Says:

    I was so glad to see you reached your retirement goal! I finish work on November 15 and can't wait to reach that date. My 3 kids will make sure that I don't sleep in but I'm sure a nap (or two) will be taken in the following months.

  2. fern Says:

    That's a lot of peanut butter!

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