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Free cleaning supplies

October 11th, 2008 at 08:03 pm

I haven't blogged in awhile since I don't feel I'm doing anything that interesting. Since I retired I spend a lot of time reading, gardening, cooking, excercizing, cleaning, doing jigsaw puzzles, meeting friends. While I enjoy it it's nothing that exciting. I am spending more time reading blogs and shopping. I'm not spending more money, in fact I'm spending less, but the shopping for deals takes more time. I'm not sure sharing my shopping experiences once or twice a week is all that interesting, but I'm going to do it anyways Smile

Yesterday I went to an estate sale and hit the jackpot of minature doll furniture. That's my hobby. I got a beautiful handmade dresser for $2.50, original price $40. I got a bed for $2, original price $20. I had just put wallets on my list of things to start looking for since mine was in danger of falling apart. I found a brand new one for .50 cents. Score Smile

I went to Walgreens and got the following deals:

2 bars Lindt chocolate - 2.29 each

2.29 @ 2 = 4.58
- .75 manufacture coupon
- 2.00 Walgreen coupon
- 2.29 BOGO manufacture coupon
.46 cents overage. This gave me .46 cents to use towards my other purchases plus the 2 candy bars free, which will go to my nieces for xmas.

Scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner - 19.99
2 bottles Windex 2/$5
1 bottle Scrubbing bubbles foam cleaner -2.50
1 bottle fantastik cleaner - 2.50

29.99 - Total cleaners
+ 2.37 taxes
- 10.00 coupon for automatic cleaner
- 4.00 2/$2 coupons on windex
- 2.00 coupon for scrubbing bubbles
- 1.50 coupon for fantastik
-.46 overage from candy bars
$14.90 oop (out of pocket)

However Walgreens has rebates on all the cleaning stuff

$10 Automatic cleaner
$4 on the other cleaning supplies $1 each
+ 1.40 - 10% bonus for putting the rebates on the Walgreens gift card
$15.40 returned in rebates so I get all the cleaning stuff plus the 2 candy bars plus 50 cents to use on something else.

Finished reading my book Edge of Desire by Stephanie Laurens. Romance. Excellent.

4 Responses to “Free cleaning supplies”

  1. fern Says:

    I like reading posts by bloggers who are nearing retirement or recently retired. So i'm a little confused about yours. If you've already retired, shouldn't you change your blog name and profile?

    When i was at my local Walgreens' for some reason they had some great dark chocolate bars on the discount shelf marked down to .69 each! I don't make a habit of buying chocolate, but i do like dark chocolate and i knew this had to be a deal, so i got 4 of them!

  2. nance Says:

    You scored!
    I love Walgreen's rebates,too. I need to start combining them with coupons though.

  3. Maismom Says:

    I got those cleaning supplies for free, too Smile Now, all I need to do is to clean the house LOL

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    I also bought those free cleaning supplies. Walgreens is my new hobby!! LOL

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