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August 20th, 2008 at 12:24 am

I've been looking for some blogs of people who have retired early. They are surprisingly hard to find. Most of the ones I do find are from people who want to retire early but haven't done so or from people who could retire early but again haven't done so.

I did find one I like at I only have one issue with her. She is very concerned with how people will percieve her now that she is retired. Frankly I think retiring early is something to be proud of, not something to be be afraid to tell others because they might think you are lazy or boring. As far as I'm concerned if someone has a problem with my not working at this age - it's their problem not mine.

I used the $10 GC I got in the mail for Kohl's today and got 3 pair of gold toe crew socks. On sale from $12 for $9. $0 out of pocket.

The new Walgreens opened in my small town last week, but they don't have any of thier sale items so I wasn't very happy with them when I went there. They keep telling you to come back or get a rain check. I don't care to make multiple trips and the rain checks don't generate the Register Rewards so what good is that? Irritating Frown

Went to MacDonald's on the way home and got a free Southern Chicken sandwich with purchase of med drink. $1.61 The sandwich is ok, nothing special in my opinion. Chicken and pickles and bun.

My company finally mailed me the paperwork to get COBRA health coverage. I will fill it out and send it in tomorrow.

Finished reading the library book The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston. True crime. OK

Finished reading my book High Noon by Nora Roberts. Romance/Mystery Very good

15 Responses to “early retirement blogs”

  1. Aleta Says:

    As far as I'm concerned, people who have earned the right to retire are very deserving and should not care what others say about them.

    As for the Walgreens, you might ask them for a replacement for the product if it isn't there. If I go and they are out; they give me something else. We have a very good manager at this Walgreen's. Gas costs money and if you have to keep going back and forth, it isn't a sale anymore.

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    I really like Nora Roberts. She's a very witty writer. I'll have to read that one.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Well, I suppose I can understand the sentiment. I suppose it's just being human, though I would also agree that there's nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, she should be proud of her great accomplishment!

  4. dickyvman Says:

    Have you thought about signing up for an HSA instead? I think they are a lot cheaper!

    I wrote an article on it.
    Text is HSA and Link is

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    Do you read Carolina Bound's on this site? She retired early.

  6. Analise Says:

    I just retired, although at age 58, I never thought of it as "early" retirement. When people at work found out I was planning to retire, the usual reaction was: "You're too young to retire!" I would have preferred a congratulatory comment instead.

  7. Retired Syd Says:

    I have the same problem with me--that unhealthy need for others' approval thing. Anyway, that made me chuckle because you hit it on the head!

    Thanks for the link!

  8. jIM_Ohio Says:

    There is an early retirement web site I frequent- not a blog, but the forum there is more than good enough for me.

  9. retire@50 Says:

    jIM_Ohio - are you going to share the site? Smile

  10. jIM_Ohio Says:

  11. retire@50 Says:

    jIM_Ohio - Thanks

  12. HELPmeFriend Says:

    Maybe she doesn't want anyone to know that she thinks she has enough money to live off of for the next 50 years. I can see how she did not want to reveal that information and people see her in a different light.

  13. buckie Says:

    I retired last year at 54,and love it!!! For me it was the best career move ever. I only wish we had tons of money so I could travel and travel and travel.

  14. Maryjo Bartsch Says:

    I agree there can be a stigma to saying you are "retired", however in Florida where I now live I find that to be less of an issue. My fiance is retired at 52 and it never ceases to amaze me how many people will look at me dumbfounded and say, "But what does he DO all day?" (He does plenty.) As a life strategies and leadership coach I work with clients who want to retire or have retired but need support as they make that life transition. It's always an interesting journey!

  15. buckie Says:

    I love anything Nora Roberts writes.

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