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Weekend Deals

July 21st, 2008 at 09:00 am

I got a lot of good deals this weekend.
On Saturday went to WalMart where I saved $25 with coupons and price matches. My final cost was $42.

Target had a deal buy 4 14 oz boxes of Cheerios for $7 and I had WalMart price match that saving me a 30 mile round trip. I had two coupons for $1 off 2 so final cost was 4 boxes for $5.

I'm still stocking up on the cans of Muir Glen tomatoes. 4 cans at 34 cents each after $1 coupon.

I got 3 16 ct pkgs of Kotex for free after $1.00 coupons

I got 3 12 ct packages of Electrosol dishwashing tabs for 32 cents each after $2.25 coupon

I got 3 individual Wellness patches after $1.00 coupon. These were .97 cents so I 'made' 3 cents on each one.

My mom and I went to the farmer's market and I got 2 corn on the cob for $1 and 2 tomatoes for $1.50. The Corn was excellent. I haven't tried the tomatoes yet.

Sunday I went to King Soopers and purchased another $1200 in GCs making 10%. I got $1320 in GCs for the price of $1200. I also got 2 bottles of French's mustard for free after coupon and 2 4ct of Hawaian Sweet bread for free after coupons. I got a free newspaper on the way out.

I purchased a Red Lobster GC spreading my 10% savings in to restaraunt deals. I saved 33% on the grocery bill.

I got my second Spring Fling GC from American Express these week so went to Borders. I got 2 books using a 30% off one coupon and then in another purchase I got another book using a 20% off coupon. Both purchased gave me free Seattle Best Coffee samples. So 3 books and 2 copy samples free using the GCs. I have $30 left on those GCs.

Big Lots had a 20% off your entire purchase coupon but even though I spent a half hour there I couldn't find anything I wanted/needed so I gave my coupon to someone in line at the store.

Went to Red Lobster for lunch. Had a $4 off coupon. Lunch was $7 total for popcorn shrimp, baked potato, salad and rolls.

Last stop was Walgreens. I got the following:

Herbert's Chocolate bar - FAR
2 black G2 Pilot pens - FAR
20 ct Crayola washable markers - FAR
2 packs of 5 highlighter pens from Bic. On sale for .39 cents each but after $1 coupon 'made' 21 cents.

Spent $5.05 at Walgreens and get $5.00 back in rebates.

A lot of going to different places but only a small amount of spending. Love getting the free stuff.

I got a free sample of Red Spice body wash and Garnier Fructis moisturizer in the mail this week.

I finished reading my book Creation in Death by J.D. Robb. Mystery. Excellent.

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