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get 10% more for your stimulus rebate check

April 24th, 2008 at 08:58 pm

My dad finally called King Soopers/Kroger to check on senior discounts associated with their card. They told him that's a rumor that's been going around and is not true. But they also told him that the rumor about getting 10% more if you buy grocery gift cards with your stimulus rebate check is true. So when you get your check if you use it to buy their grocery gift cards they will give you 10% more. Up to $120 for a couple who get $600 each. Good deal. If you planned to save your rebate check then every week you use the gift card to buy groceries, put that money in savings.

Finished reading my book The Good Life by Helen and Scott Nearing. Back to the Land. Very good.

3 Responses to “get 10% more for your stimulus rebate check”

  1. veronak Says:

    That's a nice deal for seniors with limited income

  2. Petunia Says:

    That will really help some people get more for their money.

  3. retire@50 Says:

    the deal is for everyone - not just seniors

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