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what to do in retirement

April 16th, 2008 at 04:59 pm

To me one of the weirdest questions I get ask when I talk about early retirement is "What will you do?" There are so many hundreds of things to do I can't imagine not having something to do. My parents say they are busier in retirement than they ever were while working.

Here's a list of some of the things I plan to do.

I love to read and there is never enough time to read all the books I would like. The last few years I've read mostly fiction since I have a hard time concentrating on harder stuff with work junk constantly going thru my mind. So along with reading more fiction I want to go back to some of my other interests. I used to read a lot of biographies, history, how to, archaology and nature books.

I want to learn how to cook better and more heatly. My health is going to be a major focus for me in retirement. I want to do more reading/learning about it. I want to eat better, shop better, exercize more. Take charge and try to eliminate some of my health problems. Many of which are caused by constant stress.

I would like to learn to container garden. I've made a couple of experiments with this, but plan to do much more.

One of my hobbies is creating miniature rooms. I plan to spend much more time on that.

I like to do jigsaw puzzles.

I want to go to farmer's markets, garage sales and thrift stores. Things I can do now, but don't very often because of lack of time.

I plan to spend much more time with family and friends.

I plan to spend a lot time relaxing and paying more attention to my life.

I may go back to school and take classes in subjects that interest me.

I plan to spend more time on the internet, learning/researching.

I plan to do whatever interests me.

I've been reading my book First Course in Home Making. This is classroom book on Home Ec written in 1941. Very interestng. For example they have a family food budget.

If the Salary is from $1200.00 to $1800.00 a year and the family size is 5 the average to spend per day is .35 cents apiece. Per month is $52.50 for the whole family

If the family size is 2 for the same salary then you can spend .50 cents a day per person.

They have a family budget based on an income of $150 a month and 5 people

Savings is first - $10
Food - $55
Shelter - $35
Clothing - $25
Operating - $15
Advancement - $10

Interesting stuff.

11 Responses to “what to do in retirement”

  1. Dickyvman Says:

    I love your list! This is a great start. You know what you said about your parents not having enough time in retirement...I wonder if retired people sometimes just say that to "sound busy" so they don't get viewed as lazy. What do you think? Regardless, like you...I too think I'll be busy because I have so much I want to do.

    I think your sucess and health in retirement will be determined by if you can fill the 8 hour/day gap with worthwhile efforts to do. Things you find enjoyment out of and not just sit around all day flipping through soap operas. Smile

  2. Aleta Says:

    I agree with the idea of being very busy when you are home. When I worked, I let some things go. When I stayed home; I always seemed busier.

    I don't think you're going to have any problem with your retirement. You have some great goals.

    There was a book by the manager of the Orlando sports team, called THE 2ND HALF OF YOUR LIFE. He said you work jobs in your first half to pay bills and the 2nd half is the time to do all of the things you always wanted to do. Good luck. That is a great list.

  3. Aleta Says:

    By the way the author's name is Pat Williams and he was a general manager of the Orlando Magic basketball team. I think that book is called 'LIVING THE 2ND HALF OF YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE.'

  4. retire@50 Says:

    Dickeyvman - my parents have a much busier lifestyle than I plan on when I retire. One of my main goals is to have a more relaxed, easy going life. They are constantly busy with church, social and family stuff. Plus my mom exercizes a lot and they have a big house to take care of.

  5. thriftorama Says:

    Funny, that's what some of my coworkers said when I left m full time job. what will you do with your time? Won't you get bored. I think it's a sad state of affairs if you don't know what to do if you don't have to go to work every day. To me, that's a sure sign it's time for some serious self reflection and time to get out of the house and get some hobbies.

  6. Sunshine Suz Says:

    Your list with the exception of the Miniatures sounds a whole lot like my "Wish List"!

    Good Luck!

  7. disneysteve Says:

    Great list. I'm another one who definitely won't be bored in retirement. There are dozens of things I'd like to do, places I'd like to go (and I don't just mean travel but even local stuff, museums, galleries, shows, etc.), books I'd like to read, cooking and baking I'd like more time for, and so much more.

  8. klbb90 Says:

    So many things to do in life, so little time to do them all (if you work 8-12 hours a day). Your list sound interesting!

  9. Nic Says:

    When I first retired,I was busy,busy busy. My yard was my first priority. Eventually,I bought another house and moved to the SW. Then,this house became a priority...paint,renovate,tear down a wall,put up another,lay tile etc. After the house,I tackled the yard. It's a quarter acre so it wasn't a two-three week job. It's STILL ongoing. In between,I hike,explore this wonderful desert region,travel to neighboring towns and National Parks,read,read,read and even got a p/t job at an animal clinic.
    I'm busier than ever and loving it!Smile

  10. Petunia Says:

    Sounds like you'll be ready, with interesting things to do!

    I love those old home-ec books too! I've been checking them out from the local university library, and have gotten a lot of ideas to ponder.

  11. JanH Says:

    We have a lot of the same interests! My parents have been "retired" for years. And they are so busy! So are my "retired" inlaws. They inspire me to go for all the things you want to try. Just think, here in Texas, former president Bush went skydiving for his 80th birthday!

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