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April 6th, 2008 at 04:11 am

Finally got the 2 dwarf apple trees I ordered and planted them today. They look like sticks and it will probably be a least 5 years before I get my money back in apples produced. But it was an experiment I wanted to try.

Got two samples in the mail Garnier Nutriste wrinkle cream and Glad ForceFlex bag.

I read somewhere that if you have a King Soopers/Kroger card and call the number on the back you can get senior citizen discounts everytime you use the card. Have to be over 55. It said in Texas the discounts were 10%. That's a good deal, if true. I told my parents, but they haven't called yet.

Finished reading the library book The Bountiful Container by Rose McGee and Maggie Stuckey. Gardening. Very good

I read the library book The River Devil by Diane Whiteside. Romance. Good. Not as good as the Irish Devil.

I also finished the library book The contrary farmer's invitation to gardening by Gene Logsden. Gardening. Very good.

And I finished listening to the library book on tape Night Game by Christine Feehan. Romance. Excellent.

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  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Wow. Wish I'd known that when Kroger was my regular store. I haven't seen one yet in North Carolina.

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