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Networth drop

March 31st, 2008 at 09:21 pm

Went to Walgreens yesterday and bought 4 packages of the Mr Clean Magic Erasers for $10 and got $4 back with a Register Reward. I also had a .50 cent coupon so 4 for $5.50. I love this product, especially for cleaning showers and sinks and flat-top stoves. Wonderful.

Got a Colgate toothbrush for 2.99 which is free after rebate. Had a $1.00 coupon so paid for taxes, postage and bit more.

Also purchased a 20ct of Advil PM for $3.99. Recieved a $3.00 register reward plus had a .75 cent coupon so .24 cents + taxes.

I now have $7.00 in Register Rewards I need to spend by 4/14

At King Soopers I purchased two Claim Jumper frozen dinners that were on sale 2/$5. I got a $1.50 coupon to use on my next order of anything at King Soopers. Good Deal.

I stopped my 401K contributions since I've already reached the 6% that my company will match. I prefer to keep the cash for the rest to use when I retire later this year. So my next paycheck should be significantly larger since it will include my raise and the 25% I was contributing to my 401K.

My networth decreased 3% since December. I hope by the end of the year the economy picks up and I get most if not all of this back.

I finished reading the library book Live Your Life for Half the Price by Mary Hunt. Financial. OK. It had some interesting web sites. No new money saving ideas. The thing I found weird was how often she gave information about products to buy to do financial things for you that you could do yourself. Such as purchasing a Price book. Or buying other books or products. Strange advice when advising people to save money.

I also re-read my book Getting a Life by Jacqeuline Blix and David Heitmiller. Financial. Excellent. I like to re-read this book every year. It tells the story of people who done the steps from the Your Money or Your Life book and have either retired or are in the process of getting there. Inspirational.

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  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    I agree with you about Mary Hunt. I've actually seen her speak in person. She seems to market herself and her products quite a bit.

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