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March 30th, 2008 at 01:56 am

I got my DirectTv bill today and they've raised the price to 47.99 from 44.99. I looked at that and thought 50 bucks a month for TV that's ridiculous. Do I watch $50 worth of cable TV each month? So I started to think about what I watch on TV. Mostly it's food shows, decorating shows, History and news. Did I really want to pay $50 for that? Nope. So I'm going to call Monday and cancel. If I find I really miss it, I can always purchase it again. But I'm going to try doing without for now.

For the Food shows I can always get the Chef's books from the library. History and Discovery often have their DVDs which I can get from the library also. I don't think I will really miss it.

I got several free samples in the mail today. Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. Enough for at least a week.

Pledge Multi-Surface wipe. This also came with a $1.00 coupon. I have a rebate to refund the full price of this product, so if I buy it and use the coupon it will pay for tax and postage also.

Tide 2X concentrated laundry detergent. It says it's for one load, but I can probably get 2 or 3 out of it.

Tide 2X concentrated with Dawn. Again 1 load, but I will probably get more.

A very good haul today Smile

I got my tax refund deposited yesterday. $406. It took about 5 weeks.

I modified 2 of my mutual funds to quit re-investing the dividends and instead post them to my checking account from now on. I got those posted yesterday too. Before I always just paid the taxes on the dividends each year. Now that I plan to retire, since I have to pay taxes on those I will use them to cover some of my living expenses.

Lots of questions regarding Cobra and health care. I have lots of questions too. I had Cobra when I was outsourced about 12 years ago. I worked great, just like my empolyment health care. I was re-employeed before the 18 months ran out so I never had to look for independant health care. I have done some research on what it will cost for health care once Cobra ran out. I expect to get a high deductable package. Current estimates are $250 - $300. So obviously Cobra is the best choice for as long as it's available to me. Cobra is an option when you voluntarily leave employment, but of course every employer is different so everyone will need to check out thier own situation.

I have several other employee related questions about retirement and plan to meet with HR about 2 months before I plan to give my notice. I don't want to discuss it too soon and have word get back to my manager just yet.

Finished reading the library book Many Bloody Returns Edited by Charlaine Harris. Vampire short stories. Very good.

3 Responses to “misc”

  1. Amber Says:

    My bill went up as well, over $70 because we have a receiver in three rooms. The only reason why I haven't turned it off is because I live at home

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Most of the shows you mentioned also have websites FULL of information. Check those out...I find I get MORE from the websites that on a half hour show. (Although we will continue to have DTV because of the hub's addiction to the military and history channes.)

    HGTV and the Food Network have awesome sites...and all of your favorite chefs, cooks, celebs are there.

    Just another wise decision on the road to retirement! You go Girl!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Be sure to get the names off anyone you talk to at Directv and the work order no. or whatever they call them. Luckily, I did. It took them 6 months to stop billing me. Every month I had to call and go over who I had talked to previously and they would promise to credit my account and stop billing me. What a pain. Hopefully, that will not happen to you.

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