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One perfect radish

February 23rd, 2008 at 07:36 pm

This week enough snow melted that mom and I were able to walk outside Wed, Thur and Fri

I have one perfect radish from my second batch and 5 half-size radishes. They all tasted wonderful, not too hot, just right. The second batch also had fertilizer and so that's probably why I didn't get more radishes. Hopefully my 3rd batch will come out well and I'll be able to get a full crop or about 70 radishes. I saw a bunch of organic radishes at the store for 1.99 a bunch. Ten cents for a radish, if I consume 8 - 10 a day, it's worth more than $300 a year.

I plan to plant miniature carrots today. My tomato is about an inch high and my green onions are about 3 inches tall. These are all in self-watering containers indoors in my townhome.

Went to Walmart to day and got some good items on clearance.

1 woman's shirt - $3.00 - they had some really nice winter coats for $5.00, but I already have 3 and didn't need another one. They also had some bras for $5. My mom got 4 of those, none in my size.

4-6oz cans Chicken of the Sea tuna for .50 cents each. It's hard to find tuna at .50 cents any more. Used to be pretty easy

2-24oz jars of Miracle Whip mayonaisse in the sqeeze bottle for 1.50 each.

4-15oz cans Muir Glen organice diced tomatoes with basil and oregano for .24 cents each. They were $1.24 and I had four $1.00 coupons. I have some more coupons so I need to go back and pick up more. .24 cents a can can't be beat.

Walnuts have gone up 50% in the last month. I like walnuts for snacking and cooking. All last year I bought the 1 lb bags for about $4.30. Today they were $6.50 almost 50% more. Gas went up .20 cents a gal overnight. Inflation is really hitting the things I buy recently.

I got my paycheck with the bonus included. I was able to net 45%. My 401K took the biggest chunk since I have 25% going into that right now. But Federal took almost as much.

Sent off my taxes yesterday so that chore is done.

I read the library book A Christine Feehan Holiday Treasurey by Christine Feehan. Romance. 3 short stories. Very good

I read the library book Homestead Year Back to the Land in Suburbia by Judith Moffett. Non-fiction. Very good.

4 Responses to “One perfect radish”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    You are growing indoors! You must have a wonderfully sunny room. Those carrots are going to like it when you can put them outside when it is warm. Your radishes that had too much fertilizer, you can still let them grow. They will make dainty purple or white flowers all tall, wiry stems, followed by seed pods that can be pickled or eaten raw when picked green. Some radishes are grown specifically for their "rattail" seed pods. If you choose not to eat them (They are spicy.), you can let them turn brown as the seed matures and then you will have seed for radishes next year. In limited amount, you can also eat the radish leaves. Again, they are spicy.

  2. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    Don't forget carrots like a loose, sandyish soil so that they can inch their way downwards.

    Good luck on your gardening!

  3. baselle Says:

    Boy, I can relate to the tuna prices here in Seattle, too. It used to be that .40/can was my trigger, now the cheapest tuna I've seen is .89/can. Mostly its been a $1.25/can.

  4. scfr Says:

    Congratulations on the perfect radish!

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