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February 20th, 2008 at 04:20 am

walked yesterday at Walmart with mom

Got groceries after. I got 2 cans of Campbell's Soup at Hand tomato soup and King Soopers paid me 11 cents each. I had two $2 coupons and the soup was $1.89 but they rang up at $2. I also got 3 packages of Pizza Rolls free. They had a dozen eggs for .99 cents but there was limit of 1 per transaction. Eggs have been ridiculous lately, almost $2 a dozen.

I drove into the office today. I mostly work from home. This is the first time I've been in in more than 3 months.

Stopped at Walgreens on the way home. Got the Garnier Fructus Shampoo that has a full rebate plus I had a $1 coupon so made money on it. They had 26 oz Tide on sale for $2.99 and I had two .50 cent coupons so $2.49 each. Regular price is $5.49 so less than half price.

Finished reading the library book The Busy Mom's Guide to Simple Living. Money, Ok, nothing real interesting. I don't like to be preached at. Lot's of bible verses.

Finished reading the library book Empire by Orson Scott Card. Sci/Fi. Excellent. I always like his books. I especially enjoy the way he writes about children and how much respect he has for them as human beings which really shows thru in his stories.

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  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    3 Glad to hear the trip to work resulted in so much saved at Walgreens!! Clearly paid for the gas at least!

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