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February 17th, 2008 at 06:43 pm

It's snowing so not sure if I'll get to walk today.

Last year my company changed the way it did the matching for the 401K. They started a True-up program, so at the end of the year if you've maxed out your 401K they true-up so that they meet the full match. So if I max out in Sept and then quit contributing, they will continue to add matching funds each pay period until in Dec they will have made the full match of 6%. It's more flexible for the employee and I like it a lot.

After doing some research yesterday and thanks to a post on the blog, I determined the problem with the radishes was I added Fish emulsion half-way thru the growing process, which has a lot of nitrogen. That caused my radishes to have lots of leaves and no bulbs. I put all the dirt from the container into another container I plan to use for tomatoes next month and replanted today. Hopefully I will get edible radishes this time. Smile

Worked on my taxes yesterday. Federal owes me $396 and I owe State $22. Not bad. It took about 2 hours.

Finished reading my book Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren. Supernatural. Very good.

2 Responses to “taxes”

  1. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    I think you did awesome at getting the taxes so close!

    Good luck with the radishes. I know you had a bit of a snafu but they really are one of the easier things to grow. Here's a garden tip - if you grow leaf lettuces you can just snip the tops off with scissors to eat and the leftover roots will keep growing more lettuce!!

  2. terri77 Says:

    That's a good policy of your employer.

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