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December 19th, 2006 at 04:10 am

walked with mom for 35 min

Got the last of the packages I'm expecting in the mail today. The second glass angel showed up and it wasn't broke, so mom was happy. Dad glued the other one and you can't tell it was ever broke, so two for the price of one.

Mom had a bunch of relatives over yesterday for xmas. She told me my dad was on the computer showing all the uncle's how to do research on ATVs and stuff. So funny, since before this year we couldn't even get him to turn it on. I figured once we found something he liked, he would take to it. Mom says he's on there all the time now and she doesn't get to use it as much as she wants Smile

Purchased $50 in Chili's gift cards yesterday. Got $10 in bonue cards. $30 will go to Dad for xmas and $30 for me.

King Sooper's sent me 6 more coupons for $10 off $50 purchase. Since I'm buying xmas gifts as well as my groceries I was easily able to use it this week. Should be easy next week too. After that may have to give them to parents.

Finished reading my book Crimson Code by Rachel Lee. Thriller. Good.

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